Live eCourses offered by Huddleston Academy Live Academics brings a unique and innovative approach to online learning. We value home education and the fact that each family is on their own unique journey. If you’re wondering whether or not HALA is for you, keep reading.

Why choose HALA?

If you are looking for high-energy, memorable courses that accommodate any learning style then you’ll love HALA! Teacher Michelle creates every course with the heart of children in mind. You can be assured that your child will:

  • be given the opportunity to thrive
  • have their natural abilities supported
  • be inspired to learn
  • be encouraged to use their creativity
  • develop (and fashion) skills to reach learning goals

At HALA we care about meeting the needs of each individual child.

Our classes are live online courses that meet in a virtual classroom over group video chat at scheduled times. Most classes meet just once a week for the duration of one month, or many times over the course of several weeks.

We offer more than the live meetings. Most classes also involve independent work that is to completed before or after the live meetings. Also, there is no need to worry about downloading anything extra or keeping up with login information. A link to the online classroom for the class will be provided in the Course Syllabus.

For more questions and answers, please scroll to the bottom.



REMINDER: COURSE COSTS ARE PER FAMILY, instead of per student!

There are currently no courses on schedule for June – July.

Book clubs will resume in August as well.

Consider purchasing some of our curriculum resources to enhance your child’s summer learning!

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More Questions & Answers

How are the classes held?

Our classes are live online classes that meet over group video chat at scheduled times.  Most classes meet just once a week for the duration of one month, or many times over the course of several weeks. You will be given a link to access the course and no additional logins or signups are required.

How many instructors are there?

Currently there are 3 instructors – Owner and Teacher Michelle, Teacher Marciea, and Teacher Christel. Building a positive rapport and long-lasting relationship with your family is one of our top priorities. We want your child to feel comfortable every time they log into class and not have to worry about seeing a lot of different faces. We are in the process of adding a few more!

Are the instructor(s) certified?

Each teacher has a wide range of experience from collegiate degrees to years of teaching experience both inside and outside of the homeschool environment

Why aren’t there many classes to choose from?

Classes offered each month are hand-selected to meet the academic needs for today’s generation. As the world of education changes so do the challenges and opportunities. Offering a select few of courses each month allows for a more narrowed focus and greater deliverablility.

What are the class capacities?

Class capacities are determined per course. The major factors considered when choosing the amount of students allotted per class is the extent of the curriculum layout and schedule. For example, the Lego Engineering class may have a capacity of 15 students whereas Basic Public Speaking may have a limit 7 students.

How much do the courses cost?

Prices are established per course and will be noted in the course description. *UPDATE: course costs are PER family instead of per student. 🙂

Are there additional fees?

Any digital resources required for a class will be provided for you. You will be responsible for providing any other materials needed for the class. A list of required resources and materials will be provided in the class description.

Do these classes count toward actual homeschool hours/credits?

Yes. Upon completing a course your child will be given a Certificate of Completion for your records. Each certificate will list the course completed and the amount of hours the course is worth.

What if my child misses a live class?

In the event your child misses a live class, a recording will be made available for viewing at his/her convenience.

Do you accept late enrollment?

We allow enrollment up until one week past the original start date for an additional $10 (late enrollment fee). This price will automatically be reflected during the late enrollment period.

Will HALA expand in the future?

We are currently in the process of adding a few new teachers and Book Club Leaders.