Huddleston Academy is excited about adding another program to help meet the needs of today’s homeschooling families. Our book clubs offer engaging, interactive, and community built around reading good books. You’ll love that your child is learning and building skills while they are simply having fun by reading and (virtually) meeting with other kiddos.


  • Book Club for Boys (ages 7-9)
    • Book Club Leader: Rebekah
    • Agel/Leve: 7-9 years
    • Meeting Day/Time: Every Wednesday at 10a CST/11a EST
    • Cost: $10/month subscription (cancel any time)
    • JUNE BOOK: coming soon
    • JULY BOOK: coming soon
  • Book Club for Boys (ages 10-13)
    • Book Club Leader: Marciea Pinder
    • Age/Level: 10-13 years
    • Meeting Day/Time: Every Friday at 12p CST/1p EST
    • Cost: $10/month subscription (cancel any time)
    • JUNE BOOK: The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordian
    • JULY BOOK: coming soon

About the Kane Chronicles: Kane Chronicles explorers Egyptian Mythology (Egyptology). It follows a brother and sister who are relying to solve a mystery with their parents and the heritage they didn’t know they were part of. The father is black African and the mother is a white Brit (Anglo Saxon) and their children are biracial. After the mothers death, the son is raised by the father meanwhile the sister is taken care of by her mothers parents. So they grow separated. The son is homeschooled because his father travels as a historian. And the son looks black. The daughter looks white so that plays into the story.

  • Book Club for Girls (ages 10-13)
    • Book Club Leader: Christel Brewer
    • Age/Level: 10-13 years
    • Meeting Day/Time: Every Thursday at 2p CST/3p EST
    • Cost: $10/month subscription (cancel any time)
    • JUNE BOOK: coming soon
    • JULY BOOK: coming soon



Commonly Asked Q & A

Below are a series of questions and answers about our current program. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are they?

Our virtual book clubs are for homeschooled boys and girls ages 7-18 years of age. There are three age group categories: 7-9 years, 10-13, and 14+ to choose from (as long as there is a leader).

How much does it cost?

The book clubs runs on a monthly subscription basis. The cost is $10 per month, per family. You may cancel your subscriptions at any time. Refunds are not available unless approved by Program Director (Michelle Huddleston).

What should I expect?

As the parent of the Club Member you can expect to see your son flourishing in reading carefully selected, age-appropriate books that are adventurous, engaging, and fun to read. Their communication, comprehension, language arts, English, reading, and listening skills will all get a boost without them even realizing it! WIN-WIN!

What should my son(s) and/or daughter(s) expect?

Club Members can expect to read engaging books and partake in weekly meetups in the “Virtual Clubhouse.” The “clubhouse” is where they’ll discuss what was read for the week and share what they learned.

Who is in charge of the book club?

We have carefully screened and selected individual Book Club Leaders for each age group. Information about each Leader can be found in the description part of the product in the shop.

What kinds of books will be read in this book club?

Since this program is part of Huddleston Academy Live Academics (and With the Huddlestons), all materials chosen will be carefully selected ensuring that we do not promote violence, foul language, inappropriate concepts, and/or misguided information. All books will align with our Torah-pursuant beliefs. To read more about what we believe, click here.

Are the books provided or will I need to buy them.

In most cases the selected books can be checked out at your public library.

Where does the “Virtual Clubhouse” take place?

The Virtual Clubhouse takes place on the Zoom (video-chat) platform. Upon enrolling your children, you will receive a “clubhouse link” which will be used to access the clubhouse each week. It will also be password protected. You will not need to download anything to enter the classroom. You also have the option to turn on/off your camera. Microphones will be muted upon entry and unmuted by the teacher when it is time for a Club Member to speak.

What day and time will the weekly meetings take place?

The weekly meetings will take place on a day and during a time selected by the Book Club Leader. This information will be given via email.

What if we miss a clubhouse meeting?

Due to the nature of this program, clubhouse meetings will not be recorded; therefore, it is important that the time be set apart for your child to participate in clubhouse meetings.

What if I sign up halfway through a month?

Signing up halfway through a month will put you in queue for the next upcoming month. For example, enrolling halfway through March will put you on hold for the next session starting in April. You will receive the clubhouse link, information about selected book, and any other important information before the April session is set to start.

What if I have questions?

All questions can be emailed to Please put “Book Club Question” in the subject line.

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