5 Things to Stop Doing to Deepen Your Faith

What if I told you there are things you can stop doing to deepen your faith? Huh? Yes, you read that correctly. All throughout scripture, we read about faith-stopping behaviors, but how often are we trying to correct them? Of course, I’m preaching to myself here too…

5 things to stop doing to deepen your faith.

Let’s be honest…

We can agree that the goal of every believer is to grow deeper in their relationship with God, am I right? Perhaps you’ve started making to-do lists of things you should do to accomplish that. Maybe you’ve even joined such-and-such ministry or decided to try heading up whatever new program at church.

In the midst of all that doing, have you ever considered things that you should stop doing to help deepen your faith? I have, and I am confessing them below.

Perhaps you find yourself struggling with some of these things too. I invite you on a journey of deep reflection and a time for deepening your faith.

5 Things to Stop Doing to Deepen Your Faith

Stop comparing.

It’s so easy to look at another believer’s life and instantly assume they have it better than you. We like to put on our people-pleasing best and smile through the pain just to keep from showing that other side.

While that may work for some, I choose to look right past it and remember that my life should not be compared with someone else’s. Neither should my relationship with God nor my faith in Him. Comparison only opens the door to me focusing more on others and less on Him.

Stop worrying.

Will it work out? Will my prayers be answered? How do I know I’m making the right decision?

On and on the worrying thoughts, questions and doubts can go, but this wasn’t helping to deepen my faith at all. If anything, it leads down a path of questioning if God’s Word is true, and if it can be trusted. Of course, the answer is yes, His Word is true; however, being doubtful and worrying can challenge that.

Stop gossiping.

“Did you hear Susie’s prayer request? I wonder if-”

“Poor Brother Joe and his wife Carla… I heard they are getting a divorce. I will pray for them.”

Gossiping can take many forms. Whether it is fully indulging in a he-said/she-said conversation or nonchalantly disclosing something you know masked with, “I’ll pray for them.”

Once I read the Scriptures that talk about keeping lips from evil and telling lies (Psalm 34:13), the convictions came, but my faith deepened still. I knew that the Father was gently correcting me to being more upright and loving.

A woman praising God for the broken chains.

Stop feeling unworthy.

Feelings of unworthiness can branch from things much deeper than we can identify at times. Perhaps it’s from past choices, circumstances, and situations that leave us feeling like who am I that He should

  • love me?
  • bless me?
  • choose me?

That’s just it! In spite of all that… He does! And once I stopped feeling unworthy, I could begin to see a deeper love that the Father has for me. I could also begin to truly rest without regrets.

Stop being silent.

There is something that can be learned from new believers. They are on fire to tell others about their new relationship with God. Then after a while of “settling in,” the excitement begins to wear off.

We become a bit more silent and allow our posts, pictures, and few acts of kindness to do the talking. However, in those moments when I am vocal about my beliefs, I feel re-energized.

Deepen your faith by giving yourself grace.

There are many things that can hinder the deepening of your faith, but one thing we will always have is grace. This life is full of learning and growing. Desiring a deeper faith in God is no different. It’s less about trying to have it all figured out, and more about knowing God is the answer.

CHIME IN: What are some things you’ve stopped doing to help deepen your faith? Talk about it in the comments below!

A woman praying about how to deepen her faith.

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