5 Questions to Ask for an Intensely Deep Bible Study

There’s no doubt about it. For majority of us born and raised in “the church,” you grow up with certain things ingrained in you… especially depending on the denomination. You are taught things like context (how to perceive Scripture), how to praise and worship, what to wear/how to dress, when to attend services, and so on – all from that particular denomination’s point of view.

I have found that it’s primarily when you “change denominations” that things you once believed come into question. Why is that? Why aren’t we all believing the same foundational things? Are the teachings and preachings through denominational points of view solely to blame? I think not.

I believe that if we genuinely want to know and understand anything in the Bible, we need only to start with reading it. Not just reading it for the sole purpose to say “I’ve read the entire Bible!” Not reading it with preconceived thoughts and notions. And not reading it just to get what we want out of it. We should read it with the desire to get to know and love the Creator, our Heavenly Father better, and how to walk that out.

Have you ever questioned if what you believe is truth? If not, I highly recommend that you do so. Start with writing down all the basic foundational things you were taught about the Bible. Then research them for yourself and see if they hold true. If so, keep it. If not… well, I think you know what has to be done.

Now I’m not writing this to “attack” anyone who believes contrary to me. Trust me. I’ve been through more denominations and churches than two hands can count. However, there may come a time when you begin to consider that maybe there is more… perhaps you start to notice something is different between what you read in the Bible and what’s being taught. And just maybe God is trying to get your attention.

Below are five questions to ask yourself, and believe me when I say that they will lead you in on an intensely deep Bible study.

Before you read them with the quickness and answer with what you’ve been taught… forget that for a moment. Ask these questions like a child who hasn’t been taught what the answer is, and go searching for it. Search the Word.

1. If God’s law (teaching/instructions for life) was not given until Moses, how did Noah know what was clean/unclean and how did Cain and Abel know about giving sacrifices?

2. If the law (teaching/instruction) of God is done away with, why are we still seeing/feeling the side effects of the curses from not keeping it?

3. If sin is missing the mark, what is hitting the mark?

4. If sin is the transgression of God’s law, but God’s law is done away with… what then are we repenting from?

5. What is the biblical definition of sin? Take that definition and put it in the place of everywhere Scripture has the word “sin.” Then, re-read.

Use these free journal pages as you embark on your journey!


CHIME IN: I’d love to know if you’ve researched any of the above questions, what answers you came up with, and if it strengthened your knowledge, walk, and love for God! Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, be blessed!




Special thanks and shout out to The Way Documentary, Alphonzo Monzo III, and Jason (and Amanda) Towe for inspiring this blog post. May YHVH bless you and cause His face to shine upon you!

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