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5 Reasons to Consider Virtual Homeschooling

As years pass and homeschooling becomes more popular, the ways to do it increase as well. One of the biggest additions to home education is utilizing online homeschooling options. For many parents, there’s no question about outsourcing with this type of resource. For others, there are questions.

Before sharing 5 reasons to consider virtual homeschooling, I first want to address a few things to consider to ensure that using online resources is for you (and your family).

Is online homeschooling for me and my family?

Good question!

Before jumping in head first, I recommend having the following:

  • reliable Internet connection
  • a reliable electronic that can handle what the online course(s) offer (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • an idea of a budget

Having these key things in order will prevent you from adding extra unexpected expenses, or not prepared for what this kind of outsourcing requires. With these things on the shelf, let’s chat about why you should even consider virtual homeschooling.

5 Reasons to Consider Virtual Homeschooling

Reason # 1: Virtual homeschooling helps you give your child a customized education.

This takes the number one spot for many reasons, one of the most important being because parents – especially those who have pulled their child from an institutionalized setting – realize the need for their child’s education to be suited to their individual needs.

Incorporating online courses allows you the liberty to pick and choose what is appropriate for that child at their current learning point. Which leads me to reason number two…

Reason # 2: Virtual homeschooling is flexible and can work with any schedule.

We’ve coined a saying (and hashtag) learn from anywhere (#LFA), and this couldn’t be more true than with virtual homeschooling. Whether you are in the middle of a move or taking a vacation – online homeschooling is wherever you are.

Reason # 3: Virtual homeschooling provides more one-on-one attention.

I can’t speak for all, but I know with our virtual academy (Huddleston Academy Live Academics) the courses are taught 100% live and the class numbers are relatively low. This not only gives the teacher the ability to be focused on each individual student, but it also provides a stress-free learning environment for everyone.

Reason # 4: Virtual homeschooling gives children extra socialization.

Yep, the “s” word – socialization. As if homeschooled children aren’t social enough, another perk to virtual homeschooling (with a program like HALA) is the interaction children get with other students. They are able to see, hear, and communicate with each other conveniently in a virtual classroom.

Reason # 5: Virtual homeschooling helps with those iffy subjects.

You know what I’m talking about… those upper level math and science concepts or even those life skills and college prep skills. HALA just so happens to be the leader when it comes to offering a balance of academic, life skills, college, and career prep courses. And for most parents, it’s always a plus to be able to have help with teaching them.

Taking the Steps to Start Outsourcing with Virtual Homeschooling

If you’ve decided to give virtual homeschooling a try, let me be the first to say “whoo-hoo!” If you’re already on the virtual homeschooling train, then you’re already familiar with the freedom online homeschooling brings! Back to those who are looking for direction of where to start, consider the following:

  • Research and find the best online program that meets your individual needs.
  • Keep the following questions in mind:
    • Do you want classes that are taught live, or pre-recorded?
    • Do you prefer tuition-based, or tuition-free?
    • Do you want to pay per student, or a family rate?
    • What grade range are you looking for?
    • Do they provide documentation of courses completed?
  • With those questions in mind, choose the virtual program of your choice and follow their enrollment process.
  • Gather needed materials and sit back, relax, and enjoy the luxury of having quality education delivered to your home!

A New Virtual School to Consider

With the recent upgrade, we are proud to announce that Huddleston Academy Live Academics is a new virtual option for meeting the needs of today’s homeschooling families (and beyond). Our courses collectively offer a full program for preschool-12th grade with a perfect balance of academic, life skills, and college prep/career courses.

Every course is taught live with extra options to ensure the help is there beyond the live classroom meetings. Every Teacher works exclusively for HALA meaning their attention is directed 100% to each student and the courses they are teaching. Speaking of courses, you’ll find some of the following (and more) at HALA:

We also offer family-rates which means you won’t pay per student, but instead per course. This can save families hundreds of dollars! Check us out and get your kiddos enrolled today!

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  1. One of my kids homeschooled through an online program and I loved it! I was still fully a part of the homeschooling, but loved that the majority of the curriculum was supplied by the online school.

  2. I have to be honest, I could not imagine home schooling my kids when they were younger. I don’t have the discipline or patience! And I applaud anyone who can do it!!! Bravo!

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