Coming 2 America Movie Review

I don’t typically do these on my blog, but I just had to do a Coming 2 America movie review!! As a fan of the first version, which I’ve seen more times than the number of days I’ve been alive (and I’m almost 40), this was a no-brainer watch for me. Without giving an spoiler alerts, I wanna share my experience and thoughts about this movie.

Showing the cast of the new Coming 2 America.
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Coming 2 America Movie Review

Nostalgic from the beginning.

If you’ve seen the first Coming to America then you most likely remember the main characters, all the African-ness, the animals, the kingdom-style traditions, and the like. Well, from the beginning this movie brought back all those memories PLUS some as (now) King Akeem and his (now) Queen Lisa had a few kids of their own.

Simmi popped in more fragile than the first Coming to America, as well as King Joffe, Oha, Cleo, and a few others you’ll remember right off the bat. The setting is just as beautiful as the first movie and all of the royalty goodness is still present.

New (and Hysterical) Faces in Coming 2 America

I shouted when I saw who was new to the cast of Coming 2 America! I won’t give away too much but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can expect to see:

  • Wesley Snipes
  • Jermain Fowler
  • Michael Blackson
  • Tracy Morgan
  • Luenell

These characters bring their own roles of pizzazz and comedy, making the perfect additions to this new classic. There are also some appearances by…. (should I tell it??)…. Okay… Okay. Salt-n-Pepa, En Vogue, Gladys Knight aaaannnddd – you guessed it – Sexual Chocolate!!

The Storyline

The plot was genius. My husband, Bryan, picked up on it not even halfway through the movie (don’t worry, he didn’t ruin it but he’s good like that). I personally had no idea what they had up their sleeve, but it was a great story.

I really don’t want to give any spoiler alerts, so just know that the phrase “coming to America” comes with a twist and Prince/King Akeem and Simmi find themselves back in America. For what? You’ll have to watch and see!

Any agendas in Coming 2 America?

Surprisingly, not as many as I anticipated. It’s no secret that most movies today aim to be as politically correct as possible and include every representation you can think of to make everyone feel included. This movie… not so much.

The only political pushes I noticed involved women equality. Since Prince/King Akeem didn’t have a son to become the heir of Zamunda, naturally his daughter had trained to become the Queen one day (and I beleive according to law her husband would be King). There is some push with this once a certain plot twist is revealed.

There’s also a little challenge from the wife/Queen in a way that could seem disrespectful or demasculating, but it’s a matter of perspective. Other than those two things, Coming 2 America is pretty clear of anything else (thank goodness!).

Semmi (Arsenio Hall) and Price/King Akeem (Eddi Murphy) standing outside the palace in Zamunda.
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My Personal Review of Coming 2 America

Rated PG-13. Should be R.

I know kids even younger than 13 are already exposed to some of what this movie shows and discusses, but my 13 year-old will not be watching and I don’t recommend any children see it. It’s naturally a comedy that comes with all that and some. There is talk and references to vaginas (within the first 10 minutes) and penises – all using the proper terminology though.

There are a few provocative parts (same as the first) with some of the songs and dances. Now that I’m older and in a much different place in life, I see the wisdom in not showing kids this movie. Of course when they get older, have at it!

Perfect timing.

This movie isperfect in two kinds of timing: when it was released and how long it is in duration. Bryan and I were able to watch it during the kiddos’ nap/rest time with time to spare (including the two pauses we had to make for relentless nappers). With the way things are in the world today, this comedy was a breath of fresh air and provided much needed laughs. I probably did 179 crunches from laughing.

I give it 5 stars.

The cast was classic, they stayed true to the way the original movie introduced certain things, and everyone played their part. There wasn’t anything too over-the-top and it wreaked of awesomeness. I will definitely be watching it again and most likely grabbing it on DVD (yes, I’m still buying DVDs).

CHIME IN: Have you seen the movie yet? I’d love to hear your Coming 2 America movie review! Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you haven’t seen it – go watch it now on Amazon Prime Video!

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  1. Nita

    I saw it and enjoyed it. No, it wasn’t as good as the 1st, because the 1st of most movies are more memorable. I lived the strong women, the banter and the dismissal of classism. The show that women can lead was refreshing. The humor was lighter.

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