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How Will You Be Known?

I know it's a broad question, but when asked - how will you be known - what's your answer? I ask this question because it's one that has been plaguing my mind for a few months now. It plays constantly in the background of my thoughts, and inevitably causes me to question everything about my… Continue reading How Will You Be Known?

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‘Tis the Season

Join Blog Contributor Rachel as she talks to us about 'tis the season. **Warning, if you believe that celebrating Christmas is a good thing, you may not want to read this post. 'Tis the Season December is such a beautiful time of year, and yet it can be one of the harshest months for many… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season

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When Your Spouse Is Your Business Partner

In this day and age there are a lot of families choosing to start a home-based family business. Typically, one spouse may stay home to work on the business and before long the other spouse joins them. This is our story. A little over a year after starting our business, Bryan and I found ourselves… Continue reading When Your Spouse Is Your Business Partner

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Thankful for the Process

Join Thankful for... blog party Contributor, Krissy, as she discusses being thankful for the process. Definition of the word PROCESS: A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. I like looking up definitions of words. Maybe it's just me but I really like understanding the meaning behind words. You… Continue reading Thankful for the Process

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The Modern Day “B” Word

I know what you thought when you read, "The Modern Day "B" Word," but it's not what you may think. Nope. The modern day "b" word has everything to do with most people's status of today...¬†active, unavailable, engrossed, hustling, and/or occupied. Simply put , I'm talking about BUSY. Yep, BUSY. "I had to __________. My… Continue reading The Modern Day “B” Word