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7 Simple Steps Towards Time Management {For the Busy Mama}

Have you realized that things look a bit different since joining motherhood? I sweep my house when it’s convenient. Like when someone is coming over or when I am already sweeping up a glitter mess. My wardrobe is less than spectacular. It’s something between comfort, black and  one pair of jeans that fit me at… Continue reading 7 Simple Steps Towards Time Management {For the Busy Mama}

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The Birth Story of Mordekai

The journey started almost 41 weeks ago with a faint-positive pregnancy test, and yet another surprise from Abba. My husband and I have a mutually agreed that we would not prevent conception, although we are not planning either. It's funny to see people's faces when they ask how many children we plan on having, and… Continue reading The Birth Story of Mordekai

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He wants it all.

How often do you travel life's journey thinking that you are giving God your all? If you're anything like me, I go through some serious spurts where I'm all in. Other times, I think I'm all in. And then there are those moments where I've completely stopped traveling on purpose. Sometimes we believe that congregating… Continue reading He wants it all.

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Dear Homeschool Mom, It’s OK to break up with your homeschool group

Somewhere, there is a homeschooling Mom who is miserable. If she's not miserable, she feels like she doesn't fit in. She ain't a part of any clique. Her children don't quite fit in with the others. And, it seems more like a burden to keep trying rather than just throwing in the towel. Well, Mom,… Continue reading Dear Homeschool Mom, It’s OK to break up with your homeschool group

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Not Just Jewelry

Meet Diana. She is the creator behind the amazing Jewelry of the Vine, and this is her story. Diana has made jewelry for a couple of years now, but her new Messianic line didn't start until she visited a friend of like faith. It was then that the inspirations to create such unique pieces started… Continue reading Not Just Jewelry