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Balancing Honesty with Positivity

**Trigger warning, this post gets real, it will challenge you, and touches on some potentially upsetting topics (pregnancy loss and suicide). Join Blog Contributor Rachel as she talks about balancing honesty with positivity. We have probably all met that person... you know the one. They make you wish it wasn’t expected to ask “How are… Continue reading Balancing Honesty with Positivity

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The Birth Story of Mordekai

The journey started early Spring with a faint-positive pregnancy test, and yet another surprise from Abba. My husband and I had mutually agreed that we would not prevent conception, although we are not planning either. It's funny to see people's faces when they ask how many children we plan on having, and we respond with… Continue reading The Birth Story of Mordekai

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My Top 7 Must-Have’s for Labor & Delivery

You may have been able to deduce from previous posts that we are a homebirthing kinda family. So as we prepare for our third homebirth, I wanted to share my top seven must-have's for labor and delivery. Even if this labor and delivery goes just as fast as the last one (30 minutes from transition… Continue reading My Top 7 Must-Have’s for Labor & Delivery

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Getting Ready for Baby the Frugal Way

If you're a first-time Mom, frugal probably isn't part of your new baby vocabulary, but if you plan on adding to your tribe over the years to come... I'm willing to bank on frugal becoming part of your verbiage. I'm preparing for baby number four (due early December) and I can tell you that no… Continue reading Getting Ready for Baby the Frugal Way

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My Third Trimester Wellness Regimen

Kicking off my week of All Things Expecting, I want to start by talking about my third trimester wellness regimen. While reaching each trimester is definitely a significant milestone, so too are the changes in our diets that accompany them. With each pregnancy, I seem to learn more and more cool information about amazing foods… Continue reading My Third Trimester Wellness Regimen