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Stop Hindering Your Children

Stop hindering your children!!! Do you have a child that is a natural creator? How are you dealing with their ideas and innovations... letting them sit on the shelves in their mind's or giving them the opportunity to sprout? My family attended a meet and greet event for the upcoming Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair… Continue reading Stop Hindering Your Children

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Seeing “Me” in Learning

About a year ago, a friend gave me the book Heroes in Black History by Dave & Neta Jackson. I decided at dinner one evening, I would ask my children if they knew of some of the Heroes. To my surprise, they only knew four of the thirteen African Americans listed. My heart sank and… Continue reading Seeing “Me” in Learning

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6 Time Management Secrets Every Homeschool Mom Should Know

Time is a homeschool mom’s most precious resource, but it’s one that gets used up far too quickly. When you have subjects to teach, food to cook, household chores to complete, shopping to do, and any number of other things to get done each day, twenty-four hours never seems like enough. Unfortunately, there’s no way… Continue reading 6 Time Management Secrets Every Homeschool Mom Should Know

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4 Ways to Help Your Spouse When You Have No Idea What to Do

There are ways to help your spouse, and there are ways to hurt your spouse. Most of the time our intentions are not to hurt or hinder our spouse, but there are times when we don't realize that we're doing just that. Ten years, one "illegal" marriage, and a Boaz marriage later, you'd think that… Continue reading 4 Ways to Help Your Spouse When You Have No Idea What to Do

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Sukkot Celebrations for the Newly Initiated

Do you love fall and celebrating the seasons? If so, I’d like to suggest that you incorporate a simple Sukkot celebration into this season’s line-up! Sukkot 2018 falls this year between Sunday, September 23 to Sunday, September 30. It is a 7-day Tanakh (Old Testament) celebration that incorporates agricultural, historical and theological elements. It is… Continue reading Sukkot Celebrations for the Newly Initiated