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The Birth That Broke Me

Bryan and I started our homebirthing journey 7 years ago when we found out we were expecting our first (and only) baby girl. Ever since then, the research has been ongoing and the experiences something that we will always cherish.

This experience, like the others, is definitely one for the books.

A Quick Recap

Just as any mom will tell you, each pregnancy, labor, delivery, and even postpartum experience is different. My first pregnancy was amazing and exercised-filled (I was a gymnastics teacher at the time). The labor and delivery were traumatizing and life-threatening (to say the least) and ended in a fully sedated emergency c-section.

My second pregnancy and birth, but first homebirth was with a midwife and doula team and I had the works. The birthing pool, music, and my first experience at natural childbirth was in the works. Delivery time came and things went a tad bit sideways with me hemorrhaging and needing to transport. However, all was well with me and baby girl.

The third pregnancy and second homebirth was the start of what would be a new journey. This was another pregnancy where I was a bit more fit. Prodromal labor was something new I experienced but it led to a 30 minute birthing experience with my husband delivering our baby boy because the midwife didn’t make it in time.

Because of our previous birthing experience, I wanted to have a go at going completely unassisted for this pregnancy and delivery. Again, I did what I could to maintain a healthy status and all went well. Labor to delivery was only 4 hours long and another baby boy was born perfectly into daddy’s hands with absolutely no interventions needed.

The Fifth (and Final)

I had a different feeling about this pregnancy. I still can’t put my finger on it, but I just felt different from the beginning. A lot of transitional things seemed to happen during this pregnancy too – job changes, moving, the COVID plandemic, etc. So perhaps looking back, these could have been contributing factors??

Not totally sure, but another thing was my lack of being health-conscious. As my husband jokingly puts it, “I was more snacky and relaxed.” We laughed about putting it on a t-shirt, but looking back on it, I believe this was one of the major causes as to why the labor and delivery didn’t go quite as planned…

Labor of Love

I spent my fair share of end-of-the journey complaining about wanting to have the baby… ready to have my body back… and questioning, “How long have I been pregnant again? Oh, just 2 years (it seems)!” LOL! But the day finally came, at 40+2. My contractions were finally sticking at what I call “with the birds,” meaning real labor started somewhere between 5:30-6:00am.

By 7am-ish labor had progressed to another level that I had never experienced before. Disclaimer: If you have a weak stomach, you may want to skim down some… I began feeling extreme rectal pressure and had to do the bare down in a super pushy way. Little did I know it would result in me beginning to poop! (Talk again embarrassing!)

This sensation never let up and seemed to get worse with every contraction. And at this point I began to lose it both psychologically and emotionally. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and why I couldn’t get a handle on what was happening.

Another contraction came while sitting on the toilet and that’s when my water broke. This is something I’ve never experienced because with previous deliveries, it wasn’t until they crowned when it broke and one was born in the sac. Anyways, I checked myself and it didn’t seemed I was “open enough” to be doing the kind of pushing my body was doing.

I also noticed (normal) blood but what also seemed like a meconium type of substance. This sent me into an even deeper concern and again, losing my resolve a bit more. I told Bryan to call the ambulance because I felt like something wasn’t right, and I couldn’t do it.

Determined to Deliver

With each contraction, I was growing more and more crazy (to say the least). I was up on my tip toes like a flat-toe ballerina, pleading to God for relief. When the paramedics arrived (about 5 minutes later), I immediately asked for something for the pain. They couldn’t give it to me, but what they did try to shove on my face was a mask.

Side note: my husband is behind me telling them “She doesn’t have to wear that!” I’m telling the lady I can’t breathe, but to be compliant I just put it up to my nose and started walking to the ambulance.

As soon as I got into the ambulance, another contraction came. I looked up, saw a bar and instantly grabbed it. I seriously wish it could’ve been recorded because I probably looked like a stripper dangling from the pole, but I didn’t care! I grabbed that pole and began to push with everything in me. Yes, still pooping all over the place… one of the paramedics lifted my skirt and said, “She’s crowning!”

Another looked and said, “The baby is coming FEET FIRST!” At this point they are trying to get me to lay down and I couldn’t. I had to push again. Again the lady said, “Ma’am you have to lay down, the baby is coming out.” At the point I did and I saw my baby’s feet, legs, and up to his waist area.

For the life of me, I couldn’t get a grip on what was actually happening and felt myself losing it again. One of the guys (there were 2 women and 2 men), grabbed my hand, did the focus two finger thing, and said, “Look at me. You can do this. You need to push.”

After about 3 more good pushes, our son was born. In front of our home. In an ambulance. He was healthy, alert, and perfect. I was still shocked, emotional, and instantly refusing every extra thing they wanted to do. I just wanted to get rolled back in my house to finish what we started (deliver the placenta, shower, and rest).

The Backstory

While everything described above was going on… there is a backstory.

There is Bryan’s point of view.

Bryan was not allowed into the ambulance with me. He was standing outside and described what sounded like banging and clanging noises. In his mind they were trying to hold me down or force me to do things I didn’t want to do.

He said he could hear a little what was going on, but couldn’t make out any words. Finally, he went to peak in the window to see, and he said he could see the baby a little bit. (I did see him peak in.) One of the paramedics opened the door and told him it was a boy, but then shut the door again.

They kept asking if I wanted to transport, but I kept saying no because I didn’t need it. Finally, after all the transport turn-downs and signing the things we needed to sign, they wheeled us into our home.

Our other children were sitting so nicely in the living room, anxiously waiting to meet their new baby brother. I have yet to get their point of view, but plan on it.

The end to the back story is this… Bryan wasn’t able to deliver our baby. He didn’t even get to see him be born. It was emotional and traumatic for him and it’s going to take some deep processing and overcoming.

The same for both of us.

Broken but Blessed

This labor and delivery was nowhere near what we had planned. I couldn’t have anticipated that it was going to go as far as it did, but I am thankful. You see, there are little things that happened that I call “God-sends”. One of them was through one of the female paramedics.

The one who actually delivered our baby was from a family of 9 in which her mom homebirthed, and she helped deliver some of her siblings! I thought how awesome is that, and no wonder she was so calm.

Another was one of the guy paramedics that helped me focus through my last few pushes. He was a dad of two and knew I needed a certain kind of help to get to the end.

Although Bryan and I have a lot to process from this experience, there is blessings behind it. For each of us individually and for us together, this experience has already grown us so much. We’ve seen the mercy hand of God in a new way and are making every effort to use it for growth.

Unchanged Views

Although this experience broke me… physically, mentally, and emotionally – I still advocate for the freedom to birth your way. I believe women are capable of having awesome, amazing, unassisted, assisted, homebirths, waterbirths, birthing center births – whatever kind of birth you want. They key is to not beat yourself up for the results.

We are good at that.

Things didn’t go as planned and I instantly started blaming myself for what I didn’t do. How I couldn’t handle it. How I lost focus. How I never really was ready. And so on.

But the truth is this…. I did do it. I had a healthy boy. I had him naturally. And we are both okay.

The Reality of Brokenness

When it comes to being broken, we have one of two choices. We can choose to let it shatter us, or we can pick up the pieces and become whole again. As I’ve mentioned before, Bryan and I have some things to process… but we choose to become whole again.

If you have experienced any kind of pregnancy, labor, delivery, or postpartum trauma, please don’t hold it in. Talk about it. Get it out. Trust me. It is part of the healing process.

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10 Most Commonly Asked Questions by New Homebirthing Moms

Six years ago, I found myself planning my first ever homebirth. A little over six years prior to that, I was being induced with my firstborn that later resulted in a near-death emergency cesarean.

Talk about an eye-opening experience! Not only did it change my perception of giving birth, but it also left me with PTSD that I didn’t realize at the time. And after that, I didn’t want more children.

Of course as year passed my desires of having more children changed, but the fear of the unknown lingered. Once Bryan and I conceived and decided to have a home birth, the search began. There was a lot to navigate, understand, and weed out; hence, why I want to share the 10 most commonly asked questions by new homebirthing moms.

Is homebirthing legal?

Because homebirthing takes place worldwide, I will always tell mamas to check with their specific states, providence, and/or country laws first and foremost.

Living in America, I can tell you that giving birth at home is legal in all 50 states. Where legality comes in is if you plan to hire a midwife. Each state has their own midwife certification laws (or not).

Some states allow both direct entry and nurse midwives to practice and be licensed. Some states, like Alaska, allow Medicaid to be billed and give CNMs prescriptive authority. Other states like Connecticut do not have licensure available and direct entry midwives are not regulated by the state.

Unique states like Georgia actually have direct entry midwives that practice “illegally” because certification that is required by state law in not available. Adding to that (in GA), CNMs are only authorized to practice as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs).

My advice: Check with the laws where you live IF you plan on hiring a midwife. Other than that, you are safe to deliver your baby at home. Click here for more state-by-state information regarding midwife laws.

Do I need assistance?

Simply answered, the preference is yours. In depth, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the route to have an unassisted homebirth (also know as freebirth).

Speaking from personal experience, the biggest determining factors are confidence, informed decisions, and planning. Whether you choose to have assistance or not, I highly recommend getting the aforementioned under control.

The midwife we had for our first homebirth helped me realize that I had PTSD that wasn’t dealt with from my first labor and delivery. I’m thankful for that breakthrough because I do believe it was a determining factor in how we have handled every pregnancy, labor, and delivery since that.

I also believe that assistance goes much further than the hiring of a midwife and/or doula. Assistance can be in the form of supportive family members, a support group, or even supplements.

My advice: Whatever assistance route you plan to take, be confident, informed, and secure in your choice(s).

Can I have a hombirth after having a cesarean?

This was one of my biggest questions because as I mentioned before, my first delivery resulted in an emergency cesarean. I even had to get put to sleep and receive a couple pints of blood due to the doctor’s cut.

The research I found was terrifying – at first. Once I navigated what “they” want you to see to keep you blind and dependent on “the system,” I started coming across non-biased information (puts tin foil hat away).

First and foremost, cesareans are considered a major surgery. The procedure in and of itself can be life-threatening to both mom and baby, but as with most things in the modern medical world, procedures become second-nature and the norm once performed a certain amount of times.

I say this next part very lightly because I don’t want to put possibilities in a box… however, there are some things to consider if you are planning to have a VBAC, especially an HBAC:

  • Have you had previous vaginal deliveries?
  • What type of incision did you have?
  • How many c-sections have you had?
  • When was your last c-section?
  • Are there any health concerns?

With those questions also comes understanding the huge difference between having a cesarean and vaginal birth. If you’re like me, I wasn’t sure what to expect pain wise (or healing wise). My firstborn was induced almost 2 weeks before his actual due date (doctor convenience), and I had the routine meds and epidural. The recovery pains were masked by prescribed drugs and all I had left were horror memories and a scar (and my baby, of course).

Having my first HBAC was a unique, scary, and empowering experience all wrapped up in one. The pain was there but bearable. The labor and delivery was new, but happened comfortably at home. Although I had to transport after this particular delivery, it was not due to any VBAC issues whatsoever.

My advice: Take into consideration the questions mentioned above. If you have any concerns, speak to a healthcare professional that is not biased and will genuinely share true information and suggestions.

Are health checks necessary?

I believe this is totally dependent upon your health history. It is probably not smart to not have a few checks if you have a history of health issues. However, for the mostly healthy mama, checks may not be necessary.

I’m an unassisted pregnancy and homebirther so my checks come from intuition. It may sound crazy but I’m super in tune with my body and can tell when it lacks something. I also have a history of low iron, so I take an herbal iron tincture to help with that.

During my first two homebirths we had a midwife who did the bare minimum. She would check iron levels (because of my history), blood pressure, and fetal growth. I never received vaginal checks unless it was show time.

My advice: The choice is yours if you prefer prenatal checkups. Consider your health history and listen to your intuition.

Do I need a certain birth space?

Take one look on Pinterest or Instagram and you can find everything from decked out birth spaces filled with candles, flower petals, and a bath of warm water to women giving birth in the bathroom or on the bed.

I personally and naturally navigate to the bathroom and end up birthing on all fours. This has been the case two births in a row. Environmentally speaking, nesting always kicks in a few days before birthing day so having everything clean is never an issue. As for creating a tranquil birthing experience, we play music and may diffuse an essential oil or two.

My advice: Plan for the birth space you’d like to have and do it!

Is there a certain method that makes it better?

Yes and no. Do another quick Google search and you can find all kinds of methods that women will swear by. Others will testify and say their method of choice went out the window when it was labor and birthing time.

Methods are certainly there for a reason and you may very well find one that works for you. If you’re like me, I have my own method, which is not really a method at all. I let nature take its course.

I stay in tune with my body… listening, watching, and feeling for any cues that need my attention and go from there. When labor starts, I remain calm and go with the flow. When its push time, I release and push!

My advice: Research the different methods women have tried, then decide if one of them is something you’d like to incorporate into your birthing experience.

What if something goes wrong?

This is another top question, although it’s further down on my list. Regardless if you’re giving birth at home, a birth center, or even a hospital – every birth is different. Some unexpectedly end in complications while others are anticipated.

In my honest opinion, this is a no-brainer. If you find yourself in a life-threatening emergency, seek medical attention and help immediately. If you have a midwife and/or doula on board, they should know what to do.

Taking the unassisted route? There are some great support groups (like this one for Unassisted Pregnancy/Birth moms) that give a wealth of advice for non-medical emergency situations. There are supplements, herbs, tinctures, and old school ways of handling non-life threatening issues that may arise.

My advice: Do your research. Become familiar with what’s available and how to handle non-life threatening situations. Have a plan in place in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

What if I get to the end and can’t do it?

That’s okay! It happens, and you certainly won’t be the first or last that this could happen to. The biggest obstacle to overcome if this happens is self-guilt, doubt, and depression.

As a mother who had not one, but two births not go quite as planned, I can tell you that the guilt, doubt, and depression are very real. If not dealt with, they can certainly lead to depression and a number of other issues that can affect having future children and/or current parenting.

My advice: Be okay with your choices. Get the necessary help you need to overcome and/or conquer anything that arises from things that may happen out of your control.

What supplies do I need?

This totally depends on your choice of assistance. Most midwives provide you with a supply list that can be purchased through them or their go-to resource.

If you’re choosing an unassisted route, there are a number of things you can have on hand. At first I thought I needed everything under the sun. When show time came, we used two towels, a bowl, some scissors, and an umbi-ring (cord clamp). That’s it.

Some moms feel more comfortable having extra things on hand like a plastic liner (if birthing on a bed or carpeted surface), mini pool for water births (if not using bath tub), extra towels, gauze pads, gloves, and more.

I have several blog posts that can help give you an idea of supplies and products to consider (yes, they open in a new window):

My advice: Get with your midwife about supplies she’d like to have on hand. If going unassisted, research and decide what products you’d prefer to have on hand.

Planning Your Homebirth

I know how overwhelming it can be when deciding to have your baby at home, especially if it’s your first. I’ve made it super easy to help you plan your special experience with my Homebirth Planning Pack. It’s absolutely free and you can snag it below!

Psst… if you would like help with planning your homebirth I’m available to serve you! Fill out this form and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours!

CHIME IN: Not your first homebirth rodeo? Tell me (and other mamas) about it in the comments below!

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5 Things Homebirthing Is NOT

Being pregnant with my fifth child and with the same plans of having an unassisted pregnancy and birth, I couldn’t resist writing this post. It comes from the depths of my soul and the heart of many moms who choose this route (or one similar).

It may seem comical as you read through the points I share, but there is also a level of appreciation for those on this journey. Enjoy!

Homebirthing IS NOT Abuse

This is something that I seriously cannot believe people actually consider saying about mothers who choose to have their children at home. On one hand the home is supposed to be seen as a safe haven, a place of refuge, and a place of utmost comfort for children.

However, when embracing that home as a reliable place to bring a child into the world, all of a sudden it is seen as abuse. In all of my homebirthing experiences I can confidently say that none of my children have been abused in the process.

Homebirthing IS NOT Neglect

It’s quite the opposite actually. I don’t want to talk about the cases of neglect that have happened in those places that are considered “more safe for childbirth”. Having a child in the comfort of your own home is far from neglect.

In every experience I’ve had (and from stories of other homebirthing mamas), the child has always been welcomed into a loving, joyful, and beautiful environment. The baby is typically greeted by excited siblings, and shortly after by extended family. That doesn’t sound like neglect to me!

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Homebirthing IS NOT Prideful

Although there are different philosophies, methods, and styles floating around the natural birthing community – and one may try to elevate itself as being better than another – overall, homebirthing is not prideful.

I’ve seen the experiences of homebirthers be made to seem like pride – “Oh, you think you’re better than me because you birthed at home?” That mindset does exist, but we have to be careful to not let others project their insecurities on us, and vice versa. The confidence of a mother who chooses to birth at home should never be made to seem like she is exalting herself.

Homebirthing IS NOT a New Trend

It excites me so much to be able to say that I come from a line of homebirthing women. My mother had my brother and my sister at home. I was the only unfortunate one who was born in a hospital… and yes, her experience was one that was not pleasant. When they wanted to strap her to the bed for labor, she resisted and demanded that she be able to walk out her labor.

When they wanted to pump her with drugs and medicine, she opted out and “took the pain.” Needless to say, she expressed that she’d never do it like that again… especially after having two homebirths (even with one resulting in a doctor having to walk in 2 feet of snow to “save” my sister)!

Having children at home (shucks, even in the wild) is not a new thing. Scripture even speaks of having midwives, nurses, and maidens. What has made this seem like a trend, or a new movement, is the rise in modern medicine convincing people that without a hospital, nothing health and wellness wise can be accomplished.

Homebirthing IS NOT a Force to be Reckoned With

I’m ending with this one because it’s both true and powerful and encompasses all the previous points made. Some women will never understand why others choose to birth at home. They may forever think we’re crazy. The truth of the matter is regardless of what others think, homebirthing is truly a force that cannot be reckoned with.

The way our bodies have been created to conceive, create/grow, and birth another human being goes far beyond what any science can prove. We have what is observable and repeatable, and all throughout history we can see that having children naturally (and at home) has withstood the test of time.

If you’re a homebirthing mama, you are awesome, amazing, and wonderful. If you’re not a homebirthing mama, you are awesome, amazing, and wonderful! Regardless of how you choose to bring your child into this world, the fact that you are a mother – YOU ROCK!!!

CHIME IN: Share your experiences in the comments below! I’m excited to hear from you!

Psst… Looking for support for your homebirthing journey? Feel free to reach out to me. I’m only an email/message away!

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12 Must-Have Products for a Healthy, Holistic Pregnancy

Finding out you’re expecting a bundle of joy can be one of the most exciting times in life. Then, the thoughts of having a healthy pregnancy creep in along with the stresses of what to eat/what not to eat, what to put on your body/what not to, and so on.

I’m currently expecting our fifth child and I’m here to tell you that those thoughts don’t lighten up just because you have a house full of children. I’ll also admit that although I’m way more healthier now than when I had my first 12 child years, I still battle(d) with thoughts of having a healthy pregnancy.

There are several precautions we can take as expecting mothers, much of it being taking into consideration past and current health status, and the willingness to make the necessary changes. This is where my suggested list of must-have products for a healthy, holistic pregnancy comes in.

A Little Disclaimer

I want to give the disclaimer now, versus at the end of this blog post, because it should be noted that I am not claiming to have all the answer. I am not a licensed healthcare professional, and you should always seek your personal healthcare professional if you have any questions about products you’d like to use during pregnancy.

I’ll also admit that while there is certainly a place for Westernized medicine, most healthcare professionals beyond the naturopathic field are not quite “familiar” with nor do they primarily suggest products that are natural and pure. This is where your right and freedom to your own research and advocate for your own health kicks in.

Let me also share that I have been on both sides of the fence. I was a mainstream mama who went the traditional route of “do what the doctors say because they know best.” I also experienced trauma and unnecessary medical procedures during my first labor and delivery… resulting in an emergency c-section that almost claimed the life of me and my son.

The other side of the fence is where I’m currently building my house (LOL). I understand my right to research information, as well as my ability to take my healthcare (and that of my family’s) into my own hands. I am not afraid to seek assistance when necessary, but rarely are they ever needed (for my family personally).

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… let’s look at some must-have products for a healthy, holistic pregnancy!


The key to considering any type of vitamin is to know what’s in it. And believe it or not, knowing what’s in it is only half the battle. The other half involves understanding what the ingredients in them actually do for your body. Most “multivitamins” are synthetic with lots of additives (no bueno).  They also offer big doses of vitamins and minerals that cannot be wholly and properly absorbed. This ultimately throws off nutrient balance (the exact opposite of what we need, right?).

So what constitutes a good vitamin? They should include some form of:

  • organic herbs
  • vegan base
  • gluten-free
  • MTHFR-safe
  • natural and pure

Another rule of thumb is if you can pronounce the ingredients. If it has words that look like a foreign language, I suggest staying away from them. Vitamins I do recommend considering are:

  • Nourish Her Naturally (packed with nothing but herbs: nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, catnip leaf, alfalfa leaf, and spearmint leaf all extracted in sustainable palm-derived glycerin)
  • Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder (powder-based with: camu camu powder, acerola berry, orange peel, and stevia – and that’s it!)
  • Energy Plus – Herbal Iron (consists of: yellow dock, dandelion leaf, spearmint leaf, nettle leaf, and rosehips with organic palm-derived vegetable glycerin and filtered water) *I take this supplement daily!*

There are many other vitamins out there (especially those that claim “natural”) but the ones listed above are a few that I personally and highly recommend.

Teas & Other Beverages

It wasn’t until my first homebirth that I was awakened to the world of teas, especially those that are amazing for expecting mothers. I’m not sure if I’ve heard this anywhere, but it just came to mind – A cup of tea a day is the natural, holistic way!

Teas work much like vitamins, but that also means that they need to be natural and pure in ingredients as well. A few of my favorite go-to teas are:

  • Lemon-Ginger Pregnancy Tea (made with: lemon peel, ginger root, raspberry leaf, green rooibos, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, and catnip)
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea (made with: raspberry leaf)
  • Birds & Bees Ripe & Ready Tea (made with: raspberry leaf, hibiscus petals, rose petals, cinnamon bark, allspice berries, and crystallized pinapple) *Should only be drank during 3rd trimester!*

Other beverages I recommend:

  • Smoothies (made with natural fruits and vegetables)
  • Super Foods Powder (made with: acai powder, blueberry powder, raspberry powder, strawberry powder, tart cherry powder, beet powder, cranberry powder, ginger root powder, burdock root powder, and chaga mushroom powder) *perfect for entire family and can be mixed in smoothies, yogurt, and apple sauce!*
  • Coconut Water
  • Vegetable Juices
  • Milk
  • WATER!!!

[amazon_link asins=’B002LMLBXK,B073ZJJWTB,B07J532BC5,B07M9W4SJF,B00ZAC7V50,B073V7XLJT,B07BPS54F4,0804185808,1641524502′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’withthehuddle-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4f64f6f7-15fd-4aa8-9fb0-c31484f972c3′]

The Body

Growing bellies and rapid weight gain (or loss) are definitely contributing factors to the dreaded stretch marks. However, no fear mama! Beyond embracing the beautiful changes our bodies endure, we can prepare our skin for all it may endure – from stretch marks to becoming increasingly dry and itchy!

Some go-to body creams, butters, and serums I suggest are:

  • Soothing Belly Butter (ingredients: mango butter, organic cocoa butter, organic comfrey leaves, grapeseed oil, and organic rosehip seed oil) *This one’s coming in my next order, woot woot!*
  • Vitamin D Cream (ingredients: cod liver oil, emu oil, avocado oil, organic mango butter, and candellila wax) *Can’t wait to try this one too, and for the hubby who has a Vitamin D deficiency!*

There aren’t many suggestions for this one because once you find something that’s good (and works), why look for more?!

Other Aids

I for one experience horrible sinuses while pregnant, not to mention a few rounds with morning sickness. These are no fun when trying to get used to the changing hormones, growing belly, and the physical feels of a baby (or two) growing within you. Below are a few products that can help with those other pregnancy side-effects:

  • Mama’s Tummy Relief (made with: organic fennel seed, organic ginger root, organic catnip, organic blackberry leaf, organic dandelion root, organic palm-derived vegetable glycerin, and filtered water + alcohol free!)
  • Sinus Saver (made with: organic nettle leaf, organic elderberries, organic turmeric root, organic black pepper, organic dandelion root, organic cane alcohol, filtered water)
  • Postpartum Balance (made with: organic herbs (turmeric, black pepper, dandelion root, catnip, alfalfa) organic alcohol, filtered water)
  • Natural Balance (made with: licorice root, dandelion root, shatavari root, catnip, ashwagandha, organic alcohol and filtered water)

And There Ya Have It Mama!

Of course there are numerous other vitamins, teas, body creams, and other aids you can find and incorporate into your pregnancy regimen, but be mindful of ingredients. The ones I’ve suggested above are those I’ve either tried and/or currently use or plan to use, but most importantly trust.

If you’ve taken the time to click on the suggestions, you’ll notice a trend with some (if not majority) of the products. They mostly come from a company called Earthley WellnessThis company has been an answered prayer and the end of an almost two-year journey of finding a company that is true to the calling of creating 100% pure, clean, and natural products.

If you’re interested in learning more about why I trust this company so much, and what sets them apart from the other hundreds of wellness businesses out there, click hereYou may also notice that I’m an Earthologist, too! That’s a fancy way of saying that I’m an Affiliate/Representative with them. But no worries, they are not an MLM and we only get a percentage of those who order using our link!

(Thanks in advance if you choose to order using my link! It helps this mama help her hubby pay bills!)

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. If you’re interested in trying Earthley Wellness, I can hook you up with a complimentary consultation and product suggestion list! Simply click here and fill out our contact form!

Here’s to healthy, holistic pregnancies – and beyond!

CHIME IN: What are your go-to products for fostering a healthy, holistic pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting & Homeschooling

Not too long ago we found out we were expecting baby blessing number five. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming because my husband had been talking about wanting more children. I also lifted my “heck no” ban and told God to have His way with our family, surrendering my will.

We also recently entered into our 6th year of homeschooling, having slowly merged into a year-round style mixed with a relaxed, eclectic approach. A new baby was not part of the plan. Perhaps you are an expecting mother who homeschools as well. Maybe you have no idea how this is going to work.

Allow me to ease some of your stress, concern, and worries by sharing 5 things to expect when you’re expecting and homeschooling, and how to handle them. Yes, some of it will be humorous… but that’s the point. 😉

Panic Mode!

This mode happens to most of us, especially if you’re expecting baby number two, or three. After four (or more) the attitude is usually, “Oh, what’s one more?” followed by the thought of how much crazier can our circus get, LOL.

Either way, it’s common to slip into panic mode for a bit until reality sinks in and you realize that you can do this. You’ve been blessed with this gift, and the Giver is just as merciful to see you through. You’re homeschooling the others, so this one will naturally fit right in.

Instead of panicking, or at least staying in panic mode more than you need to, begin counting your blessings. Choose praise over panic, and take control of your thoughts in the process by choosing joy in the journey.

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Throw Your Current Plans Out the Window!

Okay, maybe not all your plans – but, what I strongly suggest is to give yourself some cushion (especially if you can be a little OCD). However, cushion, in my opinion, doesn’t mean to let everything go.

In my personal experience, cushion may look like less busy work and more field trips. Or, more read-alouds and documentaries.

Instead of thinking that your plans have to drastically change, consider naturally adding the journey of expecting a new baby into your homeschooling journey. Not to mention, the kiddos will get to see you physically growing, and at some point they will be able to feel baby move. Invite them to workout with you, and get them in on eating and preparing healthier meals.

One Million Questions

Yep. If you have little ones, expect a million questions. I am asked no less than ten times a day, “Mama? Do you have a baby growing in your belly?” And my response is always the same until I can show them how much baby has changed, which thankfully is on a weekly basis.

This kind of goes back to my last suggestion of including the pregnancy journey in with homeschooling. I want my children to be a part of this pregnancy journey just as much as they want to be.

So, instead of getting exhausted about the million-question-askers, jot down their questions and work them into your homeschool schedule. If you’re a morning basket mama, include age-appropriate books that talk about having a new sibling or even the growth process of baby. If you choose traditional medical care, see if your children can go to your appointments with you.

There are many, many ways to use your kiddo’s questions as fuel for lessons that you know they’ll be interested in because they keep asking! Use their curiosity for your benefit, and theirs.

Where am I in All of This?

You know what I’m talking about? Those recurring thoughts of keeping up with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, making sure everything is in order – on top of dealing with what comes naturally when you’re growing another tiny human inside you.

It can become really easy to forget about you, what you need, your alone time, and so on. If your life is anything like mine, you’ll get the occasional question of, “How are you feeling?” and then attention quickly shifts to the other kiddos and what they think, how they feel, etc.

Instead of feeling like you’re even more invisible (besides the growing belly, LOL), find time to journal and just focus on you and baby. Journal Scriptures, affirmations, and even prayers. This goes back to the praise over panic suggestion. When your focus is on the blessings of this journey, you’ll start to see yourself as the superwoman you really are!


Mom Guilt Overload

I edited this post to add this because a dear follower of ours reminded me of the realities of mom guilt. Whatever you choose to do because of expecting a new bundle of joy, never allow yourself to wallow in the mom guilt of not measuring up, not doing enough, or wishing you could do more.

The pregnancy journey is a unique one, no matter how many children you have. Each pregnancy is different. Each birth, and each child. This is true for your homeschooling journey as well. What it looks like this year may be totally different this time next year.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE MOM GUILT! Instead, do what you can do when you can do it and leave the rest alone. Don’t feel bad for hiring a babysitter to get time alone. Don’t feel bad about planning extra play dates just to get adult interaction. And don’t feel bad if homeschooling takes a total back seat.

In the End

When it comes down to it mama, you are awesome, and you are blessed. Choose to be intentional in everything you do… from being a wife, a homeschooling mom, and whatever other hats you wear. Choose to love and embrace this journey you’re on. It’s yours.

CHIME IN: What are some funny tips you’d like to share about expecting and homeschooling? Let me know in the comments below!