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Operation Homeschool Success: Parenting Styles

For the past couple of weeks, I've been on a "styles" kick. You've probably heard of learning styles and homeschooling styles as being very important facets in home education - but what about the role that parenting styles play? In our Facebook group, With the Huddleston's Homeschooling Community, we started a two-week mission called Operation… Continue reading Operation Homeschool Success: Parenting Styles

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4 Ways a Low-Impact Schedule Can Boost Motivation For Any Homeschool

It's already February, but the end of the school year can still seem light years away. There's something about the winter months that brings a sort of homeschool slump that almost makes it hard to recover and finish strong. Know what I mean? To be completely honest, I have felt this sense of a slump… Continue reading 4 Ways a Low-Impact Schedule Can Boost Motivation For Any Homeschool

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DIY: The Game Changer

Everywhere you look you can find something related to DIY - do it yourself. From garden landscaping to home upgrades, doing it yourself is no surprise. But what about when it comes to planning your own homeschool curriculum? Before you panic and leave, allow me to tell you five reasons how planning your own curriculum… Continue reading DIY: The Game Changer

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Embracing a Needed Change

Change. It's one of those words that you learn to love or hate. Even as an adult who should have it all together, I'm still somewhere in the middle. I guess when it comes down to it, I love change when it seems to work in my favor. But at the first sign of change… Continue reading Embracing a Needed Change