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Resolutions of Grace

Join Blog Contributor Rachel as she talks about a unique perspective to "new years" resolutions. January, a time of reflection, renewal, and for many, resolutions. But what does that mean for the believer? If you are Torah Observant, you know that this isn’t really Yah’s new year (although, it will be along before you know… Continue reading Resolutions of Grace

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How to Have a Vegetable with Every Breakfast – Sweet and Savory!

Join new Blog Contributor Sarah as she talks about how to easily incorporate vegetables into every breakfast meal! Good morning (afternoon, or evening)! This post comes from the desire I have to be healthier. Now, I would say my family is moderately healthy. We eat veggies, whole wheat, try to stay away from sugar, and… Continue reading How to Have a Vegetable with Every Breakfast – Sweet and Savory!

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Precious Moments

Join Blog Contributor Cescelie Jelks as she talks about precious moments. I admit to being one of those people who doesn’t like change. I tend to get to a comfortable spot and just want everything to stay the way they are. We all know that life doesn’t work that way. Everything undergoes change over time.… Continue reading Precious Moments

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When Things Go Wrong

Join my notification event and never miss an update about this amazing online conference for moms! Join Blog Contributor Lisa Nehring as she talks about when things go wrong. This week my son was practicing karate kicks in our field. It was slick with mud and with a frozen ground. He landed just wrong and… Continue reading When Things Go Wrong

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Teaching Our Children to Have A Servant’s Heart

Join Blog Contributor Cescelie as she talks about teaching our children to have a servant's heart. For, let this mind be in you which was also in Messiah Yehoshua, who, being in the form of Elohim, did not regard equality with Elohim a matter to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a… Continue reading Teaching Our Children to Have A Servant’s Heart