Breaking Down IR3: Recognize & Review

I never think twice about hanging posters on the wall, preparing flashcards, and ordering copywork books… but now that I think about it, taking these actions (and others) fall into the categories of recognize and review in the IR3 method.

Think about it. We hang posters because we want our children to have visuals of particular concepts, topics, or subject. We use flashcards to reiterate something that is being (or has been) taught. And we use supplements such as worksheets, copywork, coloring pages, etc. to help our children review.

While these are everyday steps we take to educate our children, I believe they are often misunderstood. If Rachel doesn’t “pick up on a concept” quick enough (usually according to our pre-set timetable) then we most often always assume there is a problem. Perhaps this necessarily isn’t the case.

The time and effort it takes to recognize a new concept should not be put in a box, let alone the time we spend on reviewing it. When these two steps are rushed and/or overlooked, it can make it really difficult for the child to retain information (which we will discuss in more depth tomorrow).

I encourage you to look at the recognition and review steps in another light. Check out the videos below for more information on these two vital steps of the IR3 method!



*CHIME IN: How do you incorporate recognizing and reviewing in your teaching style? Do you often get frustrated, or do you embrace it?


Until next time, blessings-

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