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4 Ways a Low-Impact Schedule Can Boost Motivation For Any Homeschool

It’s already February, but the end of the school year can still seem light years away. There’s something about the winter months that brings a sort of homeschool slump that almost makes it hard to recover and finish strong. Know what I mean?

To be completely honest, I have felt this sense of a slump several times throughout this school year, not just the winter months. I recently had our fourth baby (early December) and took off way longer than I originally planned. It just so happened to roll right into our winter break and when January rolled around, I really struggled to get motivated. The force of procrastination was strong with this one.

The thought of how far we could slip behind [according to what I had planned] and what I would need to rearrange in order to get back up to par made me a little motivated. But not enough. . . so that’s when I decided to give myself [and my homeschool] a super boost of motivation by starting with a low-impact schedule.

A low-impact schedule doesn’t mean you’re not getting things done or that you have to throw your pre-scheduled plans completely out of the window. It simply means tweaking them a bit by dividing your homeschooling time into chunks versus having long drawn out crunch days, and rearranging the amount of schoolwork. It could be watching an educational show on Netflix versus doing a stack of worksheets, for example.

Regardless if you just had a baby, moved to a different town, or took an unexpected break – restarting with a low-impact schedule can be one of the best motivational methods to ever hit your homeschool! Looking back on the moments of planning and implementing our low-impact schedule, I picked up on four major ways a low-impact schedule can boost motivation for any homeschool.

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