The Essential Bible Study Topic List for 2019

It’s that time of year again. No matter how many times we say we’re not going to make “new year” plans, goals, and/or resolutions – we do.

Posts are coming out of the wood works suggesting ways to get healthier, get more organized, and even get more productive. But what I haven’t seen (yet) is a post aimed at helping someone grow deeper in their spiritual walk.

This is THAT post.

I have spent an increasing amount of time in the Word both reading and studying it out. The more I do it, the more I desire to learn. Of course it doesn’t just stop at learning and knowing, but I also have to make the effort to put what I’m learning into action. As you approach the new year, may I encourage you to consider adding Bible studies to your to-do list.

The Bible study topics I mention below are simply suggestions that you can incorporate using a variety of resources. The first resource of course being the Bible, preferably one with an accurate translation. (Don’t get me started on that, LOL!) Second, I suggest the Bible App. I have found some pretty amazing studies on there, plus you can join in with friends.

I also suggest finding some good books that can either serve as a guide for your study or offer what I call sideline support. Lastly, I suggest getting some type of journal or note taking system in place. I can only speak for myself but jotting down what I learn is super important to me. It helps me to not only remember what I’m studying, but I can also go back for quick reference.

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Family-friendly Study Topics

When it comes to studying the Bible as a family, there are lots of perks. Your children are able to learn from their number one influence – that’s you Mom (and Dad). Nothing beats modeling out a godly lifestyle than children seeing it lived out in the home. Yes, it’s good to get it at fellowship, but the first ministry is in the home.

Consider these family-friendly Bible study topics:

  • Learn Biblical Hebrew: start with learning the Aleph Bet (alphabet), their sounds, and meanings. Then start adding words by doing Hebrew word studies.
  • Fruit of the Spirit: this is the essence of living a set-apart lifestyle. Without knowing and understanding the fruit of the Spirit, it would be increasingly hard to actually walk it out.
  • Health & Wellness: the Scriptures offer an amazing guide on health and wellness from what is good (and not good) to eat to handling sickness and illness. Trust me, it’s ALL there!
  • Emotions: whether it’s depression, anxiety, or even joy and happiness – the Bible offers a rich study on what emotions are, how to deal with them, and how to change them.
  • Feast Days: contrary to popular belief, the feast days laid out in Scripture were meant to be observed throughout all our generations… with no expiration date. So much so, the Messiah and the disciples (even after the Messiahs death, burial, and resurrection) observed them too. Learning about them will help you understand how to observe them as a family.
  • The Prophets: there is a lot of information found in the prophets that seems to be unfolding before our eyes today. Searching this out and seeing how it applies today is sure to grow your faith.
  • Creation: honestly this is self-explanatory, but when you go on a Biblical creation search, it’s amazing what you find!
  • The Life of _______________: fill in the blank with any person from Scripture. The most go-to folks are Moses, Abraham, Deborah, Esther, the Messiah, Job, etc. I challenge you to look into the lives of the not-so popular.
  • Prayer: from how to pray to what to pray, it’s interesting to see how Scripture defines prayer and how we can activate powerful prayer in our lives.
  • Plans & Purpose: all throughout Scripture we can read about the plans of people and how they linked with their purpose. This same method is true for us today.
  • Faith: another self-explanatory topic; however, sometimes we need a faith booster (I know I do) to help get us through!
  • Significant Relations: have you ever wondered how words were related in the Bible? For example, why does a Scripture use the term kidney when talking about the testing of the “inward parts”? Finding significant relations is one incredible journey.

More Specific Bible Study Topics

The Bible study topics mentioned below are geared more toward adults, individuals, couples, etc.:

  • Parenting: raising godly children, parental roles, etc.
  • Marriage: husband and wife roles/duties
  • Leadership/Mentor: roles, giftings, and abilities

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How to Plan a Meaningful Bible Study

Most people will agree that it sounds fine and dandy to do a Bible study, but half way in they either trail off or give completely up. Why is that? Going by personal experience I believe it starts with desire. I’d like to blame it on other things, but honestly it simply boils down to desire.

Beyond that are other factors that I can’t ignore as well. Things like not having accountability, the proper resources, or just not being interested in what you’re trying to study can definitely hinder you. A tried and true method I use for Bible studying is:

  • Start by selecting a relevant topic. Of course the entire Bible is relevant but what I’m saying is that it’s much more intriguing to study something that you can currently relate to. For example, if you’re a mom or wife, then doing a Bible study within those two topics would be a good place to start.
  • Gather study materials. Having an accurately translated Bible is only the beginning when it comes to gathering materials. I suggest adding additional resources like a Bible study guide within the topic you will be studying, a Bible dictionary, and in some cases a reliable commentary.
  • Consider additional tools. By additional tools I mean a Bible study journal, journal binder, bullet journal, and in some cases maybe even a Bible journal. If you are the artsy-craftsy type, go ahead and snag some cute stickers, washi tape, coloring pencils, etc.
  • Study with friends/family. Some studies are best completed alone, but there are times when doing a group study works wonders. This is also where having extra accountability helps push you to the end.
  • Set a completion goal. Yes, another goal. And this is goal setting with a purpose. If you want to spend a month studying the fruit of the Spirit, mark your calendar and make it a point to study for a particular amount of time on specific days. Try not to deviate from what you set and within a week or so it will have become a habit.
  • Share your progress. I have found that by sharing my progress both I and others are blessed. You never know who you may encourage by sharing what you learn!

Actions Speak Louder than Words

As we gear up to start another year, may you be encouraged to incorporate Bible studies that not only challenge you to grow deeper in your faith, but also to walk it out and experience true transformation in the process.

CHIME IN: I’d love to hear what Bible studies you have planned for the new year! Share your thoughts, ideas, topics, etc. in the comments below.

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