Being Thankful This Season

As crazy of a year 2020 has been, the season of focusing on gratitude and being thankful is upon us! Although this is something we should practice 24/7, I’m glad to some time and intentionally focus on it.

I’m always on the search for practical and unique ways to teach my children this important character trait. So this year I decided to put together a mini bible study coupled with some arts and crafts and creating a thankfulness jar.

How I’m teaching my children to be thankful.

This year I’m going to be intentional about reading Scripture and bible stories to show that thankfulness is the same as it was in our ancestor’s time. I want them to know that God has always provided us with clear instructions on how to handle this part of character. He has also given us examples of when things don’t quite go our way and how we can still be thankful and show gratitude.

With my tactile learners, I’m also incorporating arts and crafts. While we’ve steered clear of most things pilgrims and Indians, we can still use the nature of the season to make everything about being thankful.

Lastly, we’ll be creating some thankfulness jars and filling them with things we’re thankful for. This is something I look forward to because not only does it foster family relationships, but it also shows the tender and genuine hearts of children.

If you’re interested in my ideas for the mini Bible study, arts and crafts we’ll be doing, and thankfulness jar ideas – head over to How to Homeschool My Child and read my post there. You’ll also get to download my free Thankfulness Jar Ideas printable pack!

ABOUT THE FREE RESOURCE: The Thankfulness Jar Ideas printable pack comes with templates for creating your own thankfulness jars, Scripture cards for reference and discussion, copywork and journal templates, and thankfulness jar cutouts. Click here to get yours now!

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