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Become a Study Sensei!

Become a Study Sensei! is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Yvie from The Homeschool House.

Study. It’s the dreaded ‘s’ word, and one that most students would rather forget. However, proper studying impacts our brains, increases our memory power, reinforces learned concepts, and can even lower your stress!

Students have to be taught how to study, and as teachers, it is our responsibility to make sure that they are able to take on that learning process, setting practical goals and being cognizant of their progress. We have to teach time management skills as well as how to digest, understand, and (most importantly) retain content.

Given the challenges of the millennial age, we must also teach our students how to overcome distractions of cell phones, social media sites, internet marketing, texting, television, radio, and even smells… distractions are everywhere!

If we can impart these skills to our homeschool students, we will set them up with strong study habits which will lead to better grades, more academic success, and ultimately (hopefully!) better life success.

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In today’s post, we will be looking in-depth at time management – including which planners work best in various situations, concentration over all of the little distractions in our daily lives, why and how to actively participate in class (and why this is so important to the process!), and the importance of relaxation during study time.

We will also look at the reading process – and why all students should be reading the material more than one time – and talk about how and why your student should be teaching others as part of the study process.
Along the way, we will be presenting strategies for each of these skills to help your student retain so much class material that he’ll proudly be able to declare himself a Study Sensei! Click here to read the full post.
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Yvie helps run the Homeschool House & Book Shack with a group of friends in Oklahoma. This non-profit, begun as the Book Samaritan nearly 20 years ago, now offers classes, curriculum, resources, and assistance to homeschooling families both locally and nationwide.

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