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A Homeschool Mom’s Best Friends

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Normally when you think of a homeschool mom’s best friends, you probably think she is surrounded by other moms who are just like her… homeschooling multiple kiddos, surrounded by papers, posters, a sink full of dishes, and tackling a to-do list a half-mile long.

Meh, some of that is true. Okay, most of that is true; however, you may be shocked to find out who a homeschool mom’s best friends really are!

For starters… a good laminator. Oh, you didn’t know? A good thermal laminator will make any homeschool mom smile for days!! Why? Well… simply put, we laminate EV-ER-Y-THING that can be sealed with a plastic touch. It’s the best way to keep things from tearing up easily. And since I am homeschooling multiple kiddos close in age, I use it to make things reusable for the kiddos to come! You can find a good one here, and don’t forget to get a good (inexpensive) bulk of laminating sheets!

Next in line are office accessories. I’m talking about Mr. Hole Puncher, Mrs. Stapler, and Sir Pack of Pens. If something can have holes in it to make it organized better, it’s gonna get holes! Same concept with stapling stuff. But when it comes to pens (you know, for all that *cough* grading *cough* that we do, and notes that we *cough* write *cough*), these are a must-have just because! I’m always reaching for a pen to jot something down, make a grocery list, mark something off a to-do list, and so on. Without these, we would be lost. Seriously. And just to make sure these friends don’t get lost, most of us probably have no less than two of each! 😛

These next besties save the day when it comes to attempting to be organized. I call them B3 – binders, baskets, and bins. If you could see my bookshelves, you’d see about 15-20 binders, at least 4 or 5 baskets, and bins galore! I’m not saying that I’m as organized as I sound, but I like the idea of having places to store my homeschool stuff. I use the bins to stay organized with curriculum, supplemental resources, file folder games, etc. Baskets are my go-to accessory for items like flash cards, small to medium manipulatives, and things my kiddos can get for themselves. And who doesn’t love bins? I use bins to help stay organized with bigger items like board games and larger homeschool items.

Last but not least, if you are like me and homeschooling in a small space, then your best friends list may also include bookshelves and carts with 3-5 (or more) drawers. I have found these to be space savers while holding lots of things from books and binders to paper, crayons, activities, and the days lessons. I told my husband that we’ll probably end up with an entire wall of bookshelves before it’s all said and done!

So the next time you think a homeschool mom’s best friends are the ladies in her coop or support group… think again! You’d be surprised to learn that our best friends are actually something totally different! 😉


CHIME IN: As a homeschooling mama, what are some of your favorite must-haves? Are they any listed above? If not, share your must-have best friends in the comments below!


Until next time, happy homeschooling y’all-

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