9 Homeschool Resources to Check Out NOW!

There isn’t a lack of homeschool resources out there, but it’s hard to know which ones you can trust. As a homeschooling mama of 7 years, I’ve seen a fair share of what the homeschooling community has to offer. There are some resources that are super popular while other ones are hiding in plain sight. In this post I’d like to share a little bit of both.

9 homeschool resources to help on your journey.

9 Amazing Homeschool Resources to Take Advantage of Now

Each one of these resources serves their own purpose in the the grand community of homeschooling. I highly suggest looking into them and taking advantage of what they have to offer!


Known as the lawyers of homeschooling, these are the guys (and gals) that know the home education laws backwards and forwards. In fact, they’ve had a great deal to do with what homeschooling freedom looks like today. Since launching over two decades ago, they’ve grown to not only fighting for your right to homeschool but also to providing a exceptional panel of counselors and advocates.


Raise your hand if math isn’t your strong suit. *raises both hands* Me and math don’t get along beyond 6th grade, so it’s awesome to have a resource like this to help with teaching those difficult concepts. RisingMath is perfect for parents who want to guide their children through ready-made adjustable courses or make their own. Not to mention, it’s super affordable (I’m talking $2.99 a month)!

Breakthrough Homeschooling

Owned and stewarded by the amazing Pat Fenner, Breakthrough Homeschooling provides personal and professional encouragement, information, and tools to moms who are homeschooling, especially through high school. Having graduated several kids of her own, Pat understands the process from beginning to end, and beyond.

Empowered Steps

Lanita Preston is an engineer, an author, a mother of four and a wife. She dedicates a lot of time to help other people take empowered steps in life whether they want to self-publish a book, take a career jump, or get help with a catered educational plan. She has free courses too!

Several homeschool resources to help on your journey.

Bullied Broken Redeemed

Bullying isn’t a new concept, yet, it’s becoming an increasing issue. If your child is experiencing bullying, the Bullied Broken Redeemed team is committed to helping you heal your child. Consultations with their experts, books, parents’ guides, and kits provide are essential tools that you will use to start the real conversations that will ultimately break the cycle of bullying. Your child is “Knott” alone.  The Bullied Broken Redeemed team is on your side.

Eden Hope Academy

If you desire a Christian education for your child, Eden Hope Academy can help. It’s stewarded by a passionate couple, the Glanowski’s, who pour their heart into seeing homeschooling families succeed.

Creative Kinders

For the busy and bouncy students who crave artistic outlets…Creative Kinders is what you need! Sharea’s hands-on activity sheets and games assist in holding kids’ attention and focus. Enjoy the many activities that welcome learning and fun! The face behind CK, Sharea, is a devoted wife, mother of seven (all under the age of 10) and homeschooler.  She has been in the education field for over fourteen years! Her experience working in daycares, learning centers and public schools provided her great insight into effectively capturing kid’s attention and educating them. 

Ancient Baby Brand

With the mission of serving others by providing quality cultural and educational services, products, and content – Ancient Baby Brand offers melanated mathematics, free math videos, self-care products, t-shirts, kids apparel, and more!

Crissi Allen, Holistic Health Coach

Crissi loves helping families with their physical, emotional and spiritual goals. Having lost 50 pounds, helped her daughter heal of migraines and a number of other health-related obstacles, she desires to see other families heal. She also gives free samples and has a free gift for you!

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Homeschool Resources to the Rescue

I absolutely love that we as homeschoolers have so much tools, resources, and support readily available. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to vet resources out to make sure they are what you need. Also keep in mind that as you navigate your journey, your needs will change!

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