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5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Potential

Your child’s education should not be something that just happens in some systematic way. It should be a journey that is nurtured naturally and fostered in a way that gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential. Let’s talk about five ways to boost your child’s potential along with practical ways to easily implement them.


The first people to read to children are usually their parents, and this should not stop if/when they start school or start their formal education at home.  Experts agree that children that are involved in reading at home are more successful in school. Other studies also show that children who are read to typically begin talking at an early age.

This is a very simple concept to understand. Every time they are reading they are learning. Some other ideas for reading to your child are:

  • Read biographies and point out the character concepts evident within the story.
  • Use early readers to teach phonics sounds, sight words, and other important language arts concepts.
  • Invite your child to tell their version of a story by looking at the pictures.

Reading with your child for as little as fifteen minutes per day also fosters emotional and social support for them too.

Every Day Experiences

Children can learn a lot from everyday experiences and routines. When they want to know why a certain item is used in a particular way, take the extra step to show them and explain to them the idea behind it. These types of visual explanations often stick in the mind easier.

Chat with them during car rides, while at the shop’s or visiting the bank. You may be surprised how knowledgeable they can become because of things that happen in their life every day. These types of experiences are often left out when considering how and when a child learns, but they shouldn’t be!

Encourage Them To Do Their Best

Children are different and not all of them will get top grades. That does not matter so much as long as they have done the best they can. One of the most encouraging things we can do is to make sure they do not feel they are a failure because they did not reach the top of a list. If they are struggling with a subject, help them if you can.

In some cases, use an online resource to help such as Cazoom Maths or K12 Reader. These resources are great if you are looking to help middle school and high school children with all types of exceptionalities.

Make Sure They Have The Basics

The basics for good physical and mental health are a varied diet, good hygiene, enough sleep, and enough exercise. If your child has those basics to start with they are likely to do better in school. Several reports have shown, for instance, that children who have a healthy breakfast achieve more academically.

People may not consider a child’s overall health a major influence in how they learn, but it plays a huge role. I once heard a saying that said, “Poopy gut, poopy thoughts!” In terms of gut health, this is one area worth searching out for your children! Check out this video about gut health and what it means for your child mentally, emotionally, and academically!

Help, But Do Not Take Over

If your child gets stuck with a piece of homework it is great to help them if you can. But that help should be in the form of teaching them how to find the solution to their problem, and not you doing that for them. If you just tell them the answer, they are far less likely to remember it than if they have had to work out how to get through it themselves.  The whole point of homework (or extra work) is to teach them to complete assignments and projects on their own, and they should be allowed to do that, even is a little guidance from you is needed.

Trust me, I know this is hard and I for one will admit that it seems much easier to just do it for them… but also trust me when I say that that is not always the best way. We have to let our children be children, but also allow them to embrace learning in the process.

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