5 Ways to Boost Self Care for Homeschool Moms

When you’re a homeschool mom, self care is often the last thing on your to-do list. Trust me, as a busy work-from-home mom of 5, self care and homeschooling often wind up on the back burner. That’s why I sat down and decided to write down five ways to boost my self care. And I want to share them with you!

five ways to boost self care for homeschool moms

5 Ways to Refresh Yourself as a Homeschool Mom

I’m not gonna beat around the bush and tell you that self care involves a bunch of unrealistic stuff. Truth of the matter is, most of us rarely enjoy hot coffee or have time for a frequent lunch with friends. But there are things that you can do to refresh yourself from the inside out.

Be comfortable.

If there’s one thing I haven’t been able to fully get on board with yet, it’s waking up and “putting on clothes.” You know… something besides leggings or pajama pants. But here’s the thing, I need to be comfortable. How about you? To help me get more motivated about changing up my mom-robe, I decided to invest in some cute working/homeschool mom clothing. Here are some cuties (and a couple I personally own):

Pamper yourself.

I typically give my husband and kiddos a heads up if mama “needs a bath.” We’ve established a few rules of communication and when they hear “mama” and “bath” in the same sentence, they know what’s up. In the recent months I’ve also found restoration in pampering my skin, especially my face.

I went years without having a face care regimen. I washed with whatever soap was in the shower and didn’t guard it with a good moisturizer. Add the wear and tear of life, weather, and *cough* age… well you know the rest. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was able to find the perfect face wash, moisturizer and serum. An added pick me up was wearing makeup again. I get all my face care and cosmetics from LimeLife by Alcone, and here is what’s currently in my cabinet (and makeup drawer):

Wake up a few minutes early.

Okay, maybe more than a few… but the point is to get up early enough to have “you” time. This would be the time to enjoy hot coffee, read a chapter in your favorite book, write in your journal, or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Use aromatherapy.

The best part about essential oils is they are super versatile. Each one also carries its own health benefit which is why we have a diffuser in just about every room and keep several individual bottles on hand (as in, in my purse and on my desk). Whether you take a sniff directly from the bottle, apply it on your skin (diluted of course), or put a few drops in the diffuser – they will definitely boost your mood (and those around you)!

Here are a few of the Huddleston’s favorites:

Take a praise break.

This is something you can do with the entire family. Sometimes the day seems like it’s going completely nuts. Nothing is working, the kids are on level 1000 (each), and you find yourself just plum exhausted. This is a good indicator that it’s praise break time! Have everybody stop what they are doing, put on some good praise and worship music and have a dancing good time. This has always helped the mood in our home!

If you enjoy Hebrew worship music, check out our playlist:

And there ya have it! 5 practical, yet powerful, ways to boost self care when you’re a homeschool mom!

CHIME IN: I’d love to hear from you! What are some ways you boost your self care? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Brie Watson

    I started thinking that I don’t have time for self-care at all. I even found this article by accident, while searching for useful resources for teaching children. And I’m thinking now that I need to make a change.
    Thank you for your ideas! I will try to make time for myself – but definitely not in the morning. It seems like chaos in our family no matter what time I wake up.

    1. Michelle

      I’m so glad you found this article, Brie! Definitely not a coincidence. And yes, you DESERVE to spend time on YOURSELF! Do it when it’s most convenient for you and don’t forget to communicate your needs to your family – children included! They need to learn self-care skills EARLY in life, instead of becoming adults like us who find it to be such a struggle. Cheering you on girlfriend!! XO

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