2019 Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference

A conference like you’ve never seen before, the first annual Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference is bridging the gap to normalizing the true face of home education!

This year’s conference features a powerful panel of women who represent a plethora of nationalities, a wide range of homeschooling experience, and wisdom that will bless you and your family for generations. Continue reading below to see important information, meet the speakers, and more!

Save on travel, lodging, and other conference-related expenses because this conference comes to you! No need to stress about missing a speaker and their session. You get access to every speaker and every session. You also get access to a conference community group where you can fellowship with other homeschooling moms and take advantage of giveaways, contests, and more!

Each carefully selected speaker is bringing you knowledge, wisdom, and advice topped with practical applications that will give your homeschooling journey just the boost it needs. There are three main categories for this year’s conference:

  • General homeschooling: sessions in this category deal with general homeschooling topics like how-to’s, navigating the homeschool journey, homeschooling through high school, and so on.
  • Marriage/Parenting: sessions in this category pertain to the impact marriage and parenting has in the homeschooling journey.
  • Mompreneurship: sessions in this category touch base with being a business-owning mama while homeschooling.

Conference Founder & Host Michelle Huddleston is a wife and homeschooling mompreneur of four blessings ranging from ages 1 to 11 years old. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Michelle worked in the Early Childhood Education & Development field as a Preschool Teacher and Curriculum Specialist. Fast forward to the present and you will now find Michelle teaching her little’s alongside her husband Bryan. She is the lifestyle blogger behind With the Huddlestons, co-owner of Huddleston Academy (a virtual school for homeschooling families), and co-founder of non-profit organization More Than Minority. It is Michelle’s desire to help women live unapologetically authentic.
Sessions: Embracing the Journey of Homeschooling YOUR Way, Marriage and Parenting and Homeschooling – Oh my!, From Mom to Mompreneur

Anita Gibson is an author, speaker, coach and Educational Advisor. Since 2002, she has served the homeschool community by introducing youth & parents to academic success strategies. Her desire is to show each parent how to find their child’s STAR qualities so they can WIN! Anita has been married to her amazing husband, Glen for 35 years. They are the parents of three adult children, Lauren, a Foreign Service officer, Dannielle, a middle school science & math teacher and Richard, a technology instructor and professional photographer.
Sessions: Stop Expecting What You Don’t Inspect, Your Child’s Irritating Habit Might Be A Strength

Meet Bernice, a homeschooling mompreneur from the Philippines! You can call her “Mommy Bernz”. She is a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) and also homeschools her four children. Mommy Bernz does online teaching and also after-class tutorials either at home or at the student’s homes. She has been homeschooling and a WAHM for 8 years and counting.
Sessions: Building the Nation Through Homeschooling

Cheryl R. Carter is a busy homeschooling mother and a college professor with a passion to help others achieve academic and life success. Her three oldest children have attended competitive universities and received very generous academic scholarships, including some that are national. She has also coached countless other homeschool parents in the admission process, and helped their children gain admission into premier colleges and universities. Carter’s counsel is sound and unique. She teaches English and Creative Writing courses, and writes broadly on various topics. such as, spiritual growth, parenting, home schooling, and special education. Carter is the author of several books including Organize Your Life, Chasing God and the Kids, Too, Essential Writing Skills for the College Bound Student, Inspire the Writer in Your Child and Organize Your AD/HD Child. Her books have been translated into Hebrew, German, Czech,  and Polish. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and has completed graduate study in Special Education). Carter has also written literary guides and won academic awards for her writing. She remains active in the homeschool community. She also holds a certificate in College Admissions from Columbia University.
Sessions: Seven Secrets all Homeschool Parents Should Know About College Admission But Probably Don’t (Unknown insider secrets from a college professor and college admissions advisor), Writing a Killer College Admissions and Scholarship Essay, Avoid Sibling Rivalry

Katoyia Bellamy is the founder of Our Learning Curve (www.ourlearningcurve.co), a source for culturally inclusive online/home learning.  She helps parents and guardians enrich their child(ren) ‘s educational experiences whether via homeschooling or supplementing traditional school options by providing culturally inclusive curriculum options.  She is a former 2nd-grade teacher and has been homeschooling her own children for the past 12 years. Currently, she is a candidate for an MA/ Ph. D. in Africana and Latin American Studies. She chronicles her life as a single mom homeschooling 3 gluten-free vegetarian children while working from home at Being Mama Dot (www.Beingmamadot.com) and offers support for other families doing the same. She also has a self-care subscription service, called Wombology.  Katoyia adamantly believes that all moms should have the option to stay home with their children.
Sessions: Surviving Homeschool as a Single Mom, Balancing Act: Single Motherhood, Homeschooling, Entrepreneurship, How to Create a Culturally Inclusive Homeschool Program

Christel Brewer is a wife and homeschooling mother of 8 beautiful blessings. She is no stranger to knowing the importance of understanding one’s unique self. Born shortly after the passing of her father, becoming a young mother while in college, and struggling as a single mother of five children, she uses her life experiences as the foundation for her workshops. Christel intertwines her professional background in youth development, non-profit management, and camping to provide opportunities for individuals to see the beauty in knowing their unique identity. Her signature facilitation approach gives individuals the tools to overcome everyday life experiences.
Sessions: Dear Anonymous Mom: Maintaining Your Identity While Homeschooling

Manager of Domestic affairs, Deitra Baker, LMFT is wife of 9 years and mom to 3 of God’s greatest blessings. She is a Jesus lover and follower, homeschooler, and parenting coach. At times you will catch her blogging or teaching ESL online. Deitra is also Children’s Ministry Lead for her church family. Deitra has served children and their families in many different capacities for over 10 years. She loves to encourage, inspire, and empower moms to parent with purpose and raise wise children. Whether through blogging, coaching or a counseling session, she works to provide moms with tips, strategies, and resources to help equip them to be more intentional with drawing their children into closer proximity with Christ. Deitra is the creator behind theteachingwife.com where she teaches, loves and inspires you in your parenting journey. Find Deitra on social media @TheTeachingWife.
Sessions: Discover the Cheapest and Most Rewarding Curriculum of all for Elementary School Students and Beyond, Using Your Gift of Teaching in Homeschool and Beyond

A prolific author, speaker and online business coach, Katie Hornor is leading the Spanish homeschool movement at lemonhass.com, and homeschooling her own 5 kids from the shores of tropical Mexico. Check out her latest book at Paradise Praises or learn course creation from her at BloggingSuccessfully.com
Sessions: Preserving Your Culture while Living in Another, Your Message Matters

NaConda N. Frank is the Unofficial Super Mom & founder of Super Mom Helps, helping you to find sanity in everyday life as she coaches you through parenting and homeschooling. She is a proud homeschooling mother of five, a loving wife of over 13 years, an author, homeschool & parenting coach, and a mompreneur. In her spare time, NaConda enjoys curling up to watch her favorite shows on the DVR, catching up on sleep, collecting everything Peanuts Gang related, and being spending time with her family.
Sessions: Married to a Shift Worker: Keeping your marriage fresh and staying in sync with your spouse through their non-normal work schedule, Homeschool & the Working Parent: Tips on Homeschooling while working outside of the home

Shaun is a Mompreneur who has been married to her wonderful husband for 13 years, and a mom to their 3 beautiful children.  As if homeschooling isn’t enough; the Taylor’s own a logistics business, catering business, and Shaun is a homeschool coach.  They were blessed to step out of the corporate world several years ago, and have not looked back. They were nudged by the Holy Spirit to begin homeschooling their children several years ago. After much prayer & a leap of faith they decided to pull their children from public school and begin this journey. Seeing the immediate change in their children & family-life confirmed that they had made the right decision and were walking on the correct path. Although Shaun is based in Texas, technology allows her to work with clients around the globe. She inspires parents to find ways to adapt their homeschool, to their desired family-life. But really, she’s on a quest to help families transition from public education to educating at home. Shaun’s goal is to guide families forward in their homeschool journey using her experience, wisdom and vision. Shaun understands that homeschool doesn’t look the same for everyone, and she is passionate about helping families find their tailored fit.
Sessions: That’s it! You’re Going Back To School! (What to do when you’ve had enough), I’m not your Superwoman! (How to stop worrying about getting it all done), Making Every Moment Count (How to sneak time with your spouse)

Verlyn Tarlton, published author, passionate speaker, and homeschool mama, has a heart for her people. She’s been featured in various newspapers, radio talk shows, and is a free-lance writer, for select online publications. Verlyn is a product of D.C. Public schools. A as native Washingtonian, she grew up in the house with her grandfather, who was a college professor and writer. She developed her love of maps, reading, and writing from watching her grandfather. Most importantly, Verlyn has learned through her mistakes and imperfect life, to keep trying, because failing is only an action that can produce valuable life lessons. As a children’s author, Verlyn encourages literacy, learning, travel, and fun, among young children, especially boys, through her popular Swift Walker series. For two years, Verlyn lived in her RV, and traveled the USA with her husband, and three minor children. They have traveled to nineteen states and have visited several black historic sites. Verlyn, is in the process of publishing a book of wisdom for children, a compilation of writings as a result of the two-year trip around the country, as well as other Swift Walker books.
Sessions: Flat Out Burned Out!, I’m a Mompreneur, What Was I Thinking!?

Tal Hoover has over 14 years of home education under her belt, and nearly a decade of experience in tutoring, online education, and writing curriculum. Tal specializes in teaching Biblical and world history, multicultural studies, comparative religions, art history, and of course, professional artisan cookie decorating. She has a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and also holds certificates in criminal law and paralegal studies. Missions work, mentoring and empowering not only her own family, but others is her top priority. She loves connecting with those that are seeking to educate their own children and become entrepreneurs to promote self-sufficiency.
Sessions: Large Family Homeschooling, Homeschooling Using Only the Bible


Click here to see a list of all speakers and sessions.

What are the dates of the 2019 Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference?
The conference begins Monday, April 1, 2019 through Friday, April 5, 2019. It is a completely self-paced online conference which gives you the flexibility to watch each session at your convenience.

How much will this conference cost? In our efforts to make this event affordable for everyone, early bird registration is $10 (beginning March 24th), and regular registration is $20 (beginning April 1st). Last day to register will be April 5th.

Where will this conference take place? This conference is 100% online- you can access it from your home or anywhere you have internet access! It will take place on With the Huddlestons website in a “Conference-Only” restricted area. More information such as links to access the conference will be provided once you register. You will be able to enjoy every aspect of this conference from the comfort of your home with just a click of a button!

Will I be able to chat with speakers and other attendees of the conference? Yes! You will have access to a Conference-only Community Facebook Group where all this (and more) takes place.

Will I be able to access videos and materials after April 5th? Absolutely! We have a membership where you can enjoy this conference, as well as past events, for one low monthly payment.

What do conference attendees receive? Attendees receive full access to all conference sessions, a digital swag bag valued at over $500 (so far), and admittance to the conference community Facebook group.

Are the sessions live? Do I have to tune in at a certain time? No. All sessions are prerecorded and are available from day one of the conference.

Is special equipment required? Nope! You can access the conference from your computer, tablet, phone, or any internet-enabled device.

Do you offer refunds? No. We are not able to provide refunds due to the copyright laws. Refunds cannot be issued for any reason.

Are the sessions presented from a secular or Christian worldview perspective? Although some of the sessions do not speak of spiritual/religious matters, most (if not all) of the speakers share the common belief in The Most High, the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, you could consider the entire conference to be from a “Christian” worldview/perspective.

Who is the organizer/owner of the 2019 Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference? Michelle Huddleston is the founder/owner of the Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference. She can be reached at withthehuddlestons@gmail.com

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? No problem! Send your question via email to withthehuddlestons@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



Shaun Taylor, The Homeschool Guru, has a vision to help families nationwide transition their children from institutional schooling to homeschool. Shaun offers coaching support, which helps to simplify the pathway to college or career of choice.

Huddleston Academy is a virtual school that is meeting the needs of today’s homeschooling families. From live online classes and book clubs to self-paced eCourses and downloadable curriculum resources, you’ll find Huddleston Academy a great asset to your homeschooling journey.

A prolific author, speaker, and online business coach, Katie Hornor of Blogging Successfully is leading the international Spanish homeschool movement while training entrepreneurs in curriculum development and course creation at Blogging Successfully.

More Than Minority is a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring awareness and shine the light on the greatness hidden within people groups who are considered minority. Founders Bryan and Michelle Huddleston understand firsthand what it means to be considered a minority and how it can damage a person’s view of themselves. It is their goal to break down barriers and close racial gaps.

Smarty Pants Education Resources provides unique and innovative curriculum resources in the form of downloadables, printables, and hard copy books. Created with home educating families in mind, these resources can be purchased in their online Shop or on Amazon (search Michelle Huddleston and Huddleston Academy).

Swift Walker series Author Verlyn Tarlton has made it one of her biggest goals to inspire brown children, especially boys, through positive words and images, letting them know that they are amazing. Author Verlyn also brings literacy awareness and encouragement through other books and speaking venues.

Discover Strategies to Help Your Struggling Student WIN! STAR Finder is for you if you are a parent who knows your child is struggling academically and you are frustrated trying to figure out what to do. Speaker, Author, and Education Strategist Anita Gibson can empathize with your pain and understand how helpless, powerless and anxious you may feel at times.

With the Huddlestons is the home of a lifestyle blog, a shop filled with homeschooling books and resource (Smarty Pants Educational Resources) to help you homeschooling easier, and other information as it pertains to Torah-pursuant faith, family, homeschooling, and wellness. Consider following With the Huddlestons to see new (and old) blog posts, live chats about life in general, and to keep up with Huddleston Academy & Live Academics!