The various sessions below will walk you through many different facets one may face in their marriage and parenting journeys while homeschooling. Be encouraged and empowered as you listen to each speaker. If a speaker has provided a handout to go with their session, you will find it clearly labeled under their video. Simply click on it to download and print (it will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place. When you are finished with these sessions, select a new section from the options at the bottom of this page.

Your Child’s Irritating Habit Might Be A Strength by Anita Gibson

Your Child’s Irritating Habit Might Be a Strength – Have you ever been frustrated by your children’s irritating habits? Perhaps that irritation is a clue to their amazing future strengths.

Making Every Moment Count by Shaun Taylor

Join Shaun as she chats about making every moment count in your marriage, and creating a relationship that lasts.

Dear Anonymous Mom: Maintaining Your Identity While Homeschooling by Christel Brewer

A mom, especially the homeschooling mom, can quickly lose her identity behind trying to take care of the home, educate the children, on top of all other hats she wears. Join Christel, homeschooling mom of 8, as she guides you through reclaiming and maintaining your identity while homeschooling.

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Flat Out Burned Out! by Verlyn Tarlton

Are you tired, feeling behind, discouraged, and just flat out, burned out? Does it seem you’ll never catch up? Maybe you’re sitting in a chair, shaking your head, trying to figure it all out. I. Have. Been. There. This session is for you. Who told you that you had to do it all, be it all, and most of all, control it all? In this session, I will share ways to begin trusting yourself, your children, and the process, and in return, release the stress and reclaim your peace.

How to Organize Your Time & Home for Maximum Productivity by Wanda Gibert

Marriage, parenting, and family veteran Wanda shares practical ways you can organize your time and home for maximum productivity without getting overwhelmed!

Avoid Sibling Rivalry by Cheryl Carter

Tired of hearing he hit me first? Or, she took my game pieces? Do you feel like you are raising Cain and Abel? Come and learn some practical ways to diffuse anger and competition in your family. Carter, a mother of five, counselor and work-at-home mother will share ways to promote harmony in your home such that you can actually get work done without feeling you are refereeing a four-armed tyrannosaurus tennis match. You will learn long term and short-term solutions. The methods learned in this informative session you will refer to again and again.

Stop Expecting What You’re Not Inspecting by Anita Gibson

Here are some strategies to help your child complete tasks in the way you’ve always desired and remove some of the drama that occurs when trying to get things done.

Married to a Shift Worker: Keeping Your Marriage Fresh & Staying in Sync with Your Spouse by NaConda Frank

In this session, NaConda will give real life examples of her life being married to her husband, Keith, who has been a shift worker for over five years. Before this, she served the tough role as a military wife for seven years while her husband served in the U.S. Navy. She has managed their household & raised their five children under these circumstances, and has real advice for keeping a marriage afloat during tough times where a wife would often feel like a single parent.

No, I’m Not More Patient Than You! by Ruth Mendes

Passionate about marriage and parenting, Ruth Mendes discusses the questions most moms are asked (especially moms of multiples) about their parenting as it pertains to homeschooling. Although what she talks about is geared toward parenting, her practical tips and tools can also be applied to marriage and other relationships.


Cultivating a Thriving Marriage while Homeschooling by Wanda Gibert

Wanda shares the issues of marriage, the number one secret in creating and maintaining a thriving marriage, and the importance of modeling marriage for your children that will last through generations.

Marriage & Parenting & Homeschooling, Oh My! by Michelle Huddleston

It may seem difficult to juggle between being a wife, a parent, and homeschooling… but Michelle is here to tell you that you can do it! Join her as she discusses 3 important aspects to consider to help manage your role as a wife, a mom, and a homeschooling parent.

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