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It’s evident where the world is headed. Fake news is being elevated as real news. The truth is being silenced. It’s becoming increasingly harder to research and find out what’s really going on.

It almost seems impossible to break away from the system and take back our inalienable rights – including being self-efficient and able to make an honest living.

It’s even becoming more difficult to find trustworthy places to shop and support! Just look at how many consumer brands most Americans use that are actually owned by just a few key mega-corporations. Even some of the most “natural” products have still been bought out by these giants and inevitably become corrupt.

mega-corporations that own most consumer brands

Thanks to a private, family owned company who opened in the mid 80s, we have been able to get our everyday essentials safer and more affordable. They are the manufacturer and distributor of ALL their products and right here in the U.S.

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