Poetry Writing 101



Available as full eCourse only.

Each poem type is introduced with a sample page, followed by a writing prompt printable for your child to practice what they have learned. The instructional videos walk your child through the definition and composition of the poem type and also provide visual examples.

This mini poem unit study can be used independently or in cohesion with another curriculum. The ideal age and grade range for this resource is elementary grades K-5th (more or less).

The layout of this class in meant to last the duration of four weeks, studying one poem type per week. During the four-week class, your child will learn about and write four different styles of poetry:

  • Acrostic
  • Concrete
  • Color
  • Five W’s

This course counts as a Language Arts and Writing class and is worth 1 homeschool credit hour. All Courses for Kids come with a certificate of completion/transcript upon request.


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