The Not So Homeschool Masterclass



What comes to mind when you think of the ideal school room? The perfect space? The perfect curriculum, supplies, and supplements? Or how about all of the kids getting along and waking up each day excited to start the day?

Of course these are great things to consider, but what if I told you there were a few important things that lie beyond the ideal school room? I’m talking about things that are in the “school room” within your child.

I invite you to embark on a three-day journey where I personally walk you through several unique perspectives that foster the mind, body, and soul of your child. In this series, you will:

* Learn to shift your focus from things that matter the least and embrace the things that matter the most.
* Gain insight on several important milestones that are vital to every child’s growth and development.
* Get tried and true tools that can be implemented immediately into your everyday lifestyle.
* Have the confidence to make the necessary changes to see growth in your personal life and the lives of your children.
* Receive an exclusive behavior modification system that comes with a detailed plan to help take current unwanted behaviors to desired behaviors for every member of the family.
* And MORE!

See what others are saying about this series:

“Thank you for putting this together. The information was right on time and you helped me see things from a fresh perspective!” Debbie, homeschooling Mom of 3

“You have showed me how I can enhance my parenting and help nurture my children in new, fresh ways.” Sarah, homeschooling Mom of 2

“Every homeschooling Mom needs to watch this series. The workbook devotional you created to go with it is amazing!” Katy, homeschooling Mom of 2

It is my desire to take you by the hand and teach you what I have learned along this journey thus far, and this series is something I just had to share with other moms. We go beyond homeschooling and speak to the lifestyle we are choosing to live at its roots.

Let’s go and live this life unapologetically authentic!


Due to this being an eCourse, there are a limited amount of downloads (3) and a certain amount of time to download file (2 weeks).


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