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How to Make Memories While You Homeschool

We have homeschooled our children from the beginning. In the back of my mind I always wondered how it would play out in the end. Would a college accept him? Would anyone hire him?

A year ago I was able to see first hand how it all played out.

Our oldest graduated and the college of his choice did accept him. He was even chosen for a special summer work program that would pay for his room and board. One week after graduation, we loaded up almost all of his belongings and moved him nearly 14 hours away.

You might be a mom of littles and that moment of your child leaving seems in the far distance.

Maybe you’re a mom with children in the middle years and you see it coming, but know you still have some time.

You might be a mom that is about to graduate her first child in the next couple of years and is dealing with all the emotions that come with that.

Or you may even be a mom that has been there and knows that bittersweet feeling.

During that season of change I realized how grateful I am that we homeschool.

I’m thankful for all the memories we’ve made throughout the years, studying and discovering. Because even though some days are hard and some seasons seem long, we only have those moments with our children for a short time. That is why I’m so excited to share ways you can make memories with your children.

Making Memories in Your Homeschool

Play games together​ – We have enjoyed seasons when we played a game nearly everyday during our lunch break. Most of the time they were educational games, but sometimes it was just a fun game. The point is we made memories and enjoyed each other.

Read aloud​ – Literature takes us to another time and place. When you read aloud you’re all going there together.

Don’t sweat the small stuff​ – One of my favorite memories involves gold glitter glue shooting up and landing on the ceiling. The glue was stuck in the bottle. As we were trying to squeeze it out pressure built and shot a huge glob up into the air. Simultaneously we all looked at each other and burst out laughing. Ever since, that spot has had a little “sparkle” to it, but it reminds me of that moment laughing with my children.

Go on walks​ – Walk to locations or enjoy strolls in your neighborhood. Just go on walks together. It gives you a chance to slow down and connect with your children.

Hands on activities​ – I have to be intentional about doing hands on activities. My mind is very list and plan oriented. Hands on activities make me feel like we are slowing down from checking something off. However I know that memories are made when we take the time to do activities. Plus, I’m always thankful we took the time afterwards.

Create special school traditions​
○ Have a special breakfast on test day or the first day of school.
○ Take pictures on the first & last day of school.
○ Enjoy a “no school” day on birthdays.

Field Trips​ ​- When possible work field trips into your schedule. Many are free or low cost and they are a great way to make fun memories.

As homeschool moms it’s easy to focus on the academics and we need to. We also need to remind ourselves that we only have our children at home for a short time. Enjoy your homeschool journey and make memories with your children.

CHIME IN: What are some of your favorite homeschool traditions? I would love to hear them!

Misty Mendoza has been a Christian, homeschooling mom for 14 years and counting. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have 5 children, ranging in ages from 2-19. Being a homeschool mom has been one of the biggest blessings of her life. Misty has a heart to encourage other moms to find joy in their homeschool journey. Having a child off at college now, she has witnessed how fast the years fly by and inspires fellow moms to make memories with their children.

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