With the Huddlestons are the founders of one of the only FREE Online COOP Programs for homeschooling families!

Under its sub-program, Huddleston Academy, the online COOP program is 100% parent-volunteer led. This means that month after month, parents step up to teach simple, but amazing, online classes – free of charge!

There isn’t another program out there like this!

The best part besides this being a free program is that it happens conveniently in our homeschool community Facebook group – Outta’ Box Homeschooling!


Our Online COOP program is set up to provide homeschooling families with additional options for bringing extra curricular education directly to their living room.

Although classes are taught (live) at specific days and times, families can choose to watch live or catch the replays!

All classes are kept in a group Unit for easy access, while all documents and/or resources needed for each class are stashed in the group Files section.


This is a program you can trust. All classes are pre-approved by Michelle before being taught to your children.

Since the launch of this program (March 2018), every parent-teacher has chosen and taught amazing classes that leave kids wanting more!

Each class also comes with a Certificate of Completion for your records. We realize that not every state (or country) has the same requirements, so having proof of homeschooling is a good thing.


Our COOP program is open to any and every homeschooling family. While our group is faith-based (Torah pursuant to be exact), we welcome anyone who can agree to the terms and guidelines set for the group.

All parents are welcome to submit a class proposal – the more the merrier!

There is a document in the Facebook group that has more information about this program and we look forward to having you join our thriving community!